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  • Grrrowler

    There are pics of both before and after on Bing maps: http://www.bing.com/maps/explore/?org=aj#/tv40ol67oq87r7fj

    I don’t like it in either iteration. From the front, the remodeled house resembles a Texas church. This now looks larger than any other house in the area, by a significant margin.

  • Hugh

    Reminds me of a school at the moment but I think it will look better when its finished.

  • Brian

    Garage guesthouse is probably not even included in the square footage. It does look very institutional, more like a college building than a residence. I’m betting they don’t even upgrade the non-existent landscaping. At least it’s big, for whatever that’s worth.

  • Daniel

    Not exactly a cozy place to call home, is it?

  • Andrew

    Looks like a cheap frat house.

  • NOVA Ben

    I don’t understand projects like this…when you have the money to do a “remodel” on this kind of scale, why wouldn’t you just build what you REALLY want from scratch? I can’t imagine the person doing this is the long-time owner of the property.

  • O.H.C

    Apparently the CEO of a Gym is building the house. It is very large in person, and it takes quite some time to drive around the home. It has defiantly been redone from scratch, the original was very large. However the new version is on a different scale, especially for this neighborhood (really old money). *Pictures do not do it justice!*

  • TexasToast

    This is the new home of the owner of Urban Active gyms. His wife is a lawyer.

  • O.H.C

    I drove past this house the other day and it is finally finished. With all of the lush landscaping, and little details such as the iron gates, it looks even better. Not sure if it’s exactly 30,000 sq. Ft, but i’d say it’s close

  • O.P.M.

    Royce Pulliam is the owner’s name. Those $6 protein shakes at Urban Active are evidently high margin products.

  • EFKidd

    Royce Pulliam is not old money. He comes from Cynthiana Kentucky. It is pretty clear that he has nothing else to spend his money on. He made his money in Golds Gym and then went into Urban Active which I think that he later sold. His dad was a landlord in Harrison County.

  • O.H.C

    @EFKidd, no offense, but when i said old money I was not quite referring to Royce. I do not know the guy, so i am not judging. I live close by and know plenty of people from this side of town. That is where i am drawing my conclusions from. Most people in Lexington/ Nicholasville do not typically build homes of this size. However, i personally think it is a nice change from the typical traditional homes. There are about 10-15 homes in a five mile radius of this home that i think Kenny should take a look at and feature on this site.

  • Jr

    House was built by Warner Builders not Padgett

  • da chuck

    Well, I just drove by this house I’ve been hearing about for years. Was at a neighbors of Pulliam for Holiday Party. All I can tell you is it is huge but looks absolutely incredible and I hear it’s a show place inside ! but neighbors say they are very private and not many have seen inside. Never met the guy but I hear he’s actually a young man and I always thought he was much older.
    I also heard they have another house on the cliffs in Laguna Beach Ca. Neighbor has actually seen that house and said its UnReal !!!
    Maybe next year we can all be invited to their house for Holiday party. HA


    • Kenny Forder

      Could you take a pic for us?! 🙂

  • Rob

    Went to high school (Harrison County) with Royce (gainsy) was his nickname, he was an over the top person back then. Some people didn’t care for him because he was very arrogant. Not old money but his parents definately wasn’t hurting. But the house looks like a commercial building not a house.

  • GG cant let it be

    Too funny! Owners are total wack jobs! Money was made in the gym business to fund this white elephant. Cost so much it forced his hand on keeping his own company from having to be sold. Got let than half of what they should have for a company all to find a way to stay afloat and look like some big swinger in town. Bet they are enjoying the bills on that thing, probably as much as the family and friends he let go to fund this! House in Laguna? nope heard it sold and was one of the only performing assets he purchased over past 8 years. Gainsy or “Bruce Jenner” as his is known now proves to be the same insecure kid he was from Harrison Co. Only difference is he has 20 beds to sleep in now. What a shame.

  • Joe

    Royce had issues conceiving children and sometime God has a reason for that!!! One of the biggest slime balls I’ve ever known!!! Lost lots of money in Vero beach where his parents live. I hope he enjoys his big house where his wife and kids can hide from him for many years. LOL!!!!!!

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