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  • Hugh

    This home is a masterpiece

    • Plain J.

      Totally agree!

  • Grrrowler

    In general, it’s beautiful. I’m not usually a fan of steroidal mega-mansions like this, but it’s amazing what a professional decorator can do. The portico on the front is way too big and overwhelms the whole facade, but that could probably be ripped off. The interior has some lovely rooms, and some nice spaces for entertaining.

  • Jason

    I`ve like this house since it was featured in Arch. Digest a few years ago. the interior is elegant and refined without being stuffy and the moder art is a great counterpoint to the formality. the shot of the treed allee now seems misleading since it really is not a long winding approach you`d expect of a country manor. as for the oversized portico- it is really a bit too large, but it has a theatrical and knowing quality about it that I like.

    • Paul

      My neck of the woods. The house is in the Bexley area of Columbus so it is far from a country manor. Not many long winding approaches in this area of town. Only a few miles through some seedy parts to downtown.

  • Daniel

    The front is a little too imposing for my tastes and comes off as a boutique bank. The interior is beautiful. I love how the hall in photo 5 looks like it was pulled right out of the Ritz in Paris.

  • lambskin

    There’s a lot of stairs to get to the pool…

  • Sean Ryan

    It just goes to show money can’t buy taste, or a decent architect. So many awkward and poorly proportioned details!

  • Onions

    Christ, that’s not a house, it’s a campus.

  • Scott

    What a horrible mish-mash of additions lacking any unifying architectural concept – the interiors are quite beautiful, though!

  • NOVA Ben

    The interior is quite beautiful, but I can’t say I’m a fan of the exterior. The grounds are very impressive, but its a long walk to the pool.

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