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  • Daniel

    Beautiful. The pool is fantastic. I love the interior decor and almost everything as it is presented. I’m guessing the price will be well over $30 million considering the price of other chalets we’ve seen.

  • Daniel1


  • Scott

    They can keep the furnishings, but the rest is spectacular.

  • Onions

    Agree on the pool. The other rooms seem dark and small, though it’s probably just the photos. Would love to see more shots of that view. Looks amazing! Reminds me of Hitler’s Berghof residence.

  • Daniel1

    KENNY i need your help!!! a friend of mine said you posted a modern house on your website that had a huge walk in shower that had a glass wall…everybody said not good for privacy it was almost all glass and the basement was almost all garage please HELP!!! I cant find it!!!

  • Marie

    Hi Kenny, Happy New Year! agree the pool is the best feature of this house.

    • Kenny Forder

      Thanks Marie, you too!

  • Marie

    wanted to add most of the rooms are dark, dreary bordering 70s relics looking.

  • NOVA Ben

    The exterior is just what I would imagine when someone says “Swiss chalet”, and that’s a good thing. The interior is very rustic and comfy-looking but comes off looking a bit dated in places. The pool, as has been said already, is fantastic…almost doesn’t match the rest of the place.

    And the price….well, if you have to ask…

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