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  • Daniel1

    It has a dated feel to it i cant quite put my finger on it but it just looks like it needs to be remodeled….hey Kenny how about a modern mansion
    ??? 😀

  • Hugh

    I think a coat of paint would make it look less dated. Particularly in the foyer.
    The kitchen needs some help too.

    Otherwise a great property.

    One thing I’ve never understood is why the Beverly Hills flats are the most expensive part of LA, and you get no views.

  • JDannyMac

    I think this house just sold like a year ago. It was the highest sale in Beverly hills either last year or the year before.
    Houses up in the mountains in beverly hills don’t enjoy Beverly hills city services, and usually the biggest houses are down in the foothills where land is more flat, more useable, and more private.

  • Daniel

    I agree, the home looks much older than a decade or so. I think the huge low rooms and the enormously long stairway add to this. Price is optimistic, no?

  • NOVA Ben

    That kitchen is absolutely horrific…It seriously looks like it’s from 1975, with a replaced range and fridge.

    Elsewhere, absolutely NOTHING jumps out at me as particularly pleasant. The colors are very muted and make the place look dark and dated, and there’s no personality whatsoever to most of the huge, square rooms. Some of the windows here and there look very cheap. This is seriously unimpressive.

  • Tony

    This house looks like crap. $25 million for this crap? You can get something better than this for $10 million or less. I wouldn’t pay more than $10 million max for this and that would be for land value only. I’d have to tear this crap down to the ground and start over.

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