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  • Daniel

    Yeah, I wouldn’t call this a steal. I don’t know if I would want to spend $3-$4million to have a house that looks like that in Wisconsin.

  • Grrrowler

    My first thought is the idiom about throwing good money after bad. The owners obviously seem proud of their new house, and have admired it for a long time, and I hope they enjoy it when it’s complete. Personally, I think it’s really really ugly, and I don’t have high hopes for the completed interior.

  • c

    Brookfield is middle to upper middle class suburb of Milwaukee, a city that itself isn’t particularly prosperous since most of the Brewing industry has vacated.

    The most expensive house on the market in Brookfield is only $1.35m presently…. most expensive house in Milwaukee county area is $4.995m for a beautiful historic brick Georgian on 35 acres. West is the distant Suburb of Oconomowoc (45-60 west of Downtown Milwaukee) Knollward estate of Marjorie Ward is for sale for $5.750m on Lake Oconomowoc. Both are far better investments.

    That said, the architecture of this house is atrocious. I guarantee the interiors will be equally as gaudy by the time its finished. They will have three point some million dollars into a huge, cheap ugly house in a suburb of semi custom tract homes.

    • Andy

      Here is a video of the Georgian estates on 35 acres, the most expensive property in Milwaukee county: http://youtu.be/LUYI9_oRN6k

  • Tony

    How do they build a big house like this for so cheap in places like Wisconsin? Do they over-charge for construction in California because a home like this would cost around $30 million to build, not even counting land it would cost big bucks to build something this size in California. For example just to re-do the interior of The Manor was estimated to cost at least $25 million dollars by many sources at the time that Petra bought the manor because many real estate gossip sites and blogs etc. assumed that Petra would redo the interior and they said that real estate sources estimated it would cost at least $25 million just for the interior. Well the size of this home is half the size of The Manor it would cost at least $12.5 million for the interior alone for a home like this in California, so how do they get away with over-charging by so much in California? Shouldn’t the cost of construction alone, not counting land, just construction alone be the same in any state in the USA?

    • c


      The quality of this house will not be high. First off, one major cost in California is the engineering. This is just a large frame house- in California the large houses are built industrial strength steel, concrete floors and require high cost engineering for earthquakes. That said, people throw out ridiculous asking prices and numbers in California. A very high quality home in LA area can be built for $500 / sq ft.

      The manor could have a major overhaul for a fraction of a $25m price tag. But that said, the rich overpay for everything. They buy retail at high end shops with insane markups. Can easily end up spending millions more on a huge project like the Manor than needed.

    • Iemand

      3 words:

      Location, location, location.

    • Daniel

      Don’t forget that salaries for all the workers associated with homebuilding is very different between Wisconsin and California. I highly doubt a roofer in Wisconsin is getting paid the same in California. Same with engineers, general contracts and builders.

    • Stuart J

      I have lived in Kansas City, Colorado and now Southeastern Wisconsin. On average, I would say that the homes in Wisconsin are of higher-quality construction to combat the brutal elements.

      Not saying that they would survive an earthquake, but I don’t anticipate one anytime soon.

  • jimm

    you peaple are all way to critical

    • NOVA Ben

      Are we looking at the same house? I’d argue they’re not being critical enough.

  • NOVA Ben

    Nothing like finishing off someone else’s aborted dream home.

    I’ll expect two things out of this “project”: a hideous finished interior, and for this home to be listed again when the new owners can’t afford it.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    The Milwaukee suburbs were ailing economically for a long time but they have seen an influx of industries in recent months especially from the Chicago area. The area is also home to some very wealthy Sikhs including Darshan Singh Dhariwal who owns Bulk Petroleum Inc with his wife Debbie, and runs more than 2000 gas stations across the Midwest. Not all of the big homes in the area are on sale. The gentleman who bought this property might have picked it up simply because Indians love bargains – the previous owner also sounds like an Indian (from South India from his name) and Mr Bachan Singh might just have been looking for a property like this one. In the end, it is the fact that someone is willing to put money up and buy a particular home that counts. I’ll bet there are many homes that draw far more appreciative comments and which have remained unsold for ages.


    Bachan Singh, is first cousin of Darshan Dhaliwal .He first denied the relationship, saying he and Singh were friends, but later confirmed that his father and Singh’s grandmother are brother and sister. Dhaliwal denied any improprieties in the sale.


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