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  • JD

    The outside is absolutely beautiful! Awesome! The inside????? a bit busy for me. Too much junk in that house.

    i also dig the F150 in front of the house. Its a nice change from the typical Ferrari/Lambo.

    • NOVA Ben

      Judging by the fact that that photo is an image from Google streetview, that’s probably just Jose’s work truck parked out front.

    • Marie

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Grrrowler

    I agree with the JD. The exterior is beautiful, and the inside is a cluttered mess. The great room looks like it belongs in a Montana lodge, not a SoFlo waterfront mock-Med. I would love the great room if it were about 20 degrees latitude further north. The rest is just too cluttered and busy. I do love the pool area, although with it overlooking the Intracoastal it won’t necessarily be private. It’s too far north in Fort Lauderdale for me, and it’s too big for the neighborhood; it’s the largest house by far in the area. For the price, I’d prefer it being in Harbor Beach or Las Olas Isles.

    • Kenny Forder

      I absolutely LOVE the great room, but I do agree that it looks like it belongs in a home out west.

  • Tay

    The funny thing is I think that ford is not in the driveway… thats the street?!?!

  • NOVA Ben

    Exterior is beautiful, interior is beyond busy but I actually find myself liking it a bit. It’s clear that they knew what they wanted in an interior and went balls-to-the-wall with it.

    Sorta funny how it looks like the home is devouring the cul-de-sac

  • mattc.

    A lot of money for certain, but I kindof like this one.
    Different inside than the typical south Florida mansion.

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  • Joejoe509

    Well, well… isn’t this interesting. Equal parts cookie cutter Mediterranean and “cluttered” Aspen Lodge. On paper, this should be a disaster of a home but I rather like it. It is a little strange having a moose head and a canoe in a Florida home, but what do I know? I bet those living in Florida would love to visit this unique home.

    I agree with Kenny. The great room is easily my favorite part. I love that giant curved beam in the windows. I would move the pool table elsewhere, but other than that I love the myriad of seating areas. You could have many different groups of people hainging out in the same room. The kitchen is also rather nice with the little breakfast nook. My least favorite parts are the typical Mediterranean McMansion foyer and hallways.

  • lambskin

    My Lord! The number of framed family photos on the walls, stairwell and any available surface is incredible!

  • Barney

    One word, three syllables………….HID-E-OUS!!!

    • John L.

      Agree completely.

  • Jas

    did anyone catch the uguly grey colored wood in the kitchen? lol HID-E-OUS is right ….but i do like the pool…

    • John L.

      How could we? There is so much crap in that kitchen!!

  • Tommy Dunaway

    I like everything about the house EXCEPT the view. For that amount of money I would want to see SAND AND OCEAN, not cheap 1950’s condos and high rises.

  • Daniel

    It is a beautiful home, but I agree about the location. It would have been better a bit south on one of the streets branching off Las Olas or in Bay Colony.

  • Nalin

    that backyard is amazing. the view of the house from the water is really impressive

  • Eileen

    To schedule your private viewing of this exquisite home please call the One Sotheby’s listing estate agent, Eileen at 954-462-3600

    • Kenny Forder

      I got that from another report.

  • Allen

    The owner, Daniel Lambert, makes his money by selling “cruise vacations” under some 43 (and growing) company names. There’s a mandatory timeshare seminar requirement that is never revealed or disclosed until you arrive for your vacation. When the courts order anything that compromises his fraudulent positioning, he changes the name of the business. Nice!

    Perhaps that’s why his home speaks that “a piece of shit resides within it’s walls”, and no amount of polish can hide the stench of Daniel Lambert, or the residence that reminds us that he ain’t got no class!

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