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  • NOVA Ben

    I like this quite a bit. You can see the originality but it’s also been updated quite impressively. My only complaint (other than the location) is how close the home is to the road…Being a historic home on 9 acres, I expected it to be a little further from the road. The price is great for what you get, but then again it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.

    On closer inspection, I also don’t see a pool, so that’s also unfortunate.

  • Andrew

    This does not look like it was built in the 30s at all…

    • NOVA Ben

      I suspect that a relatively small amount of the core part of the home dates to the ’30s. It’s certainly been expanded upon and updated though. I think parts of the interior are that old, it’s just a matter of which parts those are.

  • Mark

    Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of home here for the money.
    I find that every room is very busy on the eyes. I would have trouble relaxing.

  • Oliver

    One word: Amazing!!

  • Kenny Forder

    The shower is GORGEOUS! <3

  • Daniel

    An interesting home that is overpowering in some rooms. Exterior is a bit odd.

  • lambskin

    Tiny dining room.


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