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  • Daniel

    Ha. Three acres my ass. The oceanfront land is a half acre tops. The land on the intracoastal cannot be cleared because of the mangroves. Basically it’s just a place to dock your boat. Also, the smell from that preserve in the summer is similar to rotten eggs and trash. The home itself from the outside is very gloomy. The exterior lighting is this ugly blue LED style that is more appropriate for a mausoleum. I’m not a fan of these extremely shallow 4-5 story oceanfront homes. I would soooo rather have that Delray Beach home featured a couple days ago. Pass.

  • sean

    looks like an abandoned motel in the first picture. It’s a jumbled mess

  • Geoffrey

    “features a private wooded mangrove preserve”

    Part of the land that couldn’t legally be cleared due to mangrove protection

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