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    The elevator garage is an odd concept. I wouldn’t trust my neighbors parking their car and hoping they remembered to keep the parking brake set. I can just see some old schmuck pressing the gas instead of the brake and BAM!

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    This is actually a really cool building, not least because of the private garages attached to each unit. The units can be beautiful, and this one looks like a nice blank slate. The layout looks quite decent. The price seems like it’s in-line with some of the other units that have been sold in the building, even though it IS really expensive.

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    NOVA Ben

    I think I’ve resigned myself to just never understanding NYC real estate. This doesn’t appeal to me at all.

    I WOULD, however, love to know more about how that sky garage works. I get the general concept and all, I just didn’t know it had actually been done in NY.

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    @NOVA Ben … Go online to the building’s website … … Then click on the tab “En-Suite Sky Garage” … There’s even a little animated video that shows how it works … Pretty cool …

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      NOVA Ben

      Wow, thanks! That is pretty neat…

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    Nice starting point for a cool penthouse.

    But what a useless feature; like I would use the car at that point.
    Guess they have to let people pay this amount for some reason…

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    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban own in this building . I assume the whole private garage concept in Manhattan will appeal to celebrities so they can go from their home right into a car .
    I’m sure the lift will be really expensive to maintain over time .


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