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  • Grrrowler

    Good to see they finally finished this. The exterior doesn’t look bad, at least from the front. I even mostly like the layout: the position of the garages is a nice way to partially hide them (although underground parking would have been better); I like the master bedroom layout quite a bit; and, I like that the staircase hasn’t been made a design feature, since only family and overnight guests need to go to the second floor. The interior itself is less than exciting however. I suppose it could be seen as a blank canvas, but for almost $15 million I want a little more “wow”.

  • george

    I love the logic, if you can’t sell it for $13,9 raise the price to $14,5

  • Daniel

    Ain’t bad, but it looks like a very serious home. Soften it up and you may have a winner, if you can negotiate the price down… a lot.

  • NOVA Ben

    This isn’t bad…the heinous photograph quality is a shame, but from what I can see it looks like a fairly solid start, now it just needs some personality and decorating injected into it. The double portes cochere is an interesting feature and suits the positioning of the home well I think, and makes that middle courtyard driveway area look more intimate than it might otherwise. It looks as though there’s a nice view to be had from the back of the home, so it’s a shame no pics are provided of it. Price does need to come down.

  • Daniel1

    Ok first off i love the bridge idea to the bedroom suites…”brilliant” 🙂 then second of all wow verry beautiful…this is the first Mediterranean/Spanish/Southern home that u actually like…btw Kenny i love it when you post floor plans with the homes…it gives you a better feel of the home knowing how it is layed out… 😀

  • Mark

    You are correct the photos do not do this house justice. Seeing this house in person would absolutely change your mind, due to the fact there are many hidden gems not shown in the photos. The views are fantastic and the privacy is wonderful. The price of $13.8 million was a preconstruction price and not a finished price. Over all a fantastic house.

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