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  • Daniel

    I absolutely LOVE gigantic homes, but none of these are particularly outstanding – all are actually quite ugly :/ If I *had* to choose one, I’d go with 3.

  • CincyRob

    Although, if I owned any of the four, I could probably fly my whole family out to any of them but to keep it simplest, I would choose #1. If I lived in any other state at all, I would have picked #2

  • Marcus

    There should be a none of the above button. They are all ugly.

  • Alex

    3 🙂

  • Izzy

    No. 3 with a gun to my head, i dare say !

  • richvanc

    I wonder if most of us (including me) chose #3 because it was in colour?
    All the others were black-and-white or something *blah*. In any event, I wouldn’t want to live in ANY of them! Marcus was right to say “there should be a none of the above button” They really are all in poor taste! 😉

  • NOVA Ben

    Well, for the second time in a row, my personal choice (#2) is the one least picked in the poll. In reality I probably would’ve hit the “none of the above” button if it existed, they’re all just too damn sprawling, but I have bigger problems with the other three than I do with #2, so there it is.

  • Tony

    We should try to find the “ultimate home.” This site is about extravagant real estate, so say you start by eliminating any home smaller than, say, 20k square ft. Do a poll of what the most important features are, and narrow it down and do another vote or 2. I personally think any home loses value if its not near an expansive body of water or doesn’t have great views of, say, mountains.

  • Sam

    They all look a bit long and disjointed, if i had to pick i would go with number 3.

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