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  • NOVA Ben

    This is seriously imposing and impressive looking from outside, definitely befitting of the Scotland location. The interior looks far more livable than the exterior suggests and I was particularly impressed with the kitchen…usually in properties like this you’re lucky to get some 10-year old appliances thrown in a small room as the “kitchen”, but this is fairly nice…maybe not completely in keeping with the castle look, but still. The overall practicality of living in a “home” like this is a big question mark to me, I have nothing to compare it to, so I’ll leave it at this: very picturesque and impressive, not sure I’d want to actually live in it.

    All that said, the asking price seems pretty reasonable for what you get.

    • joe

      I grew up in the village where this mansion is located. we played in that place when it was disused,did you know it used to be an orphanage.. I knew the last 2 orphans to have lived in that place.. they where brothers.. 1 of them just passed away.. they never married and never spoke about their time there…

  • Grrrowler

    Beautiful exterior and grounds. The exterior is just imposing enough to be effective. The interior looks like it could be nice, but it’s currently so impersonal and boring that it’s pathetic. This needs major decorating help, but it could be a spectacular country house if done up correctly.

  • Daniel

    The exterior is indeed very imposing (and beautiful). The interior is extremely tired and dated. I can’t stand the bunched-up clue carpeting. Perhaps there are some gorgeous wood floors under that? Price seems very reasonable.

    • Daniel


  • rob

    I like this but I don’t like the location. West Lothian is in the southern urban part of Scotland. If I was going to buy a Scottish manor house I would buy somewhere in the north, in the highlands. Somewhere with a stunnning desolate and bleak landscape where I could brood around my manor like a proper eccentric member of the gentry. I like the house just not the location. I think I would prefer this castle http://www.gamv.ca/personal/castles/midmar-castle

  • Chandra

    Beautiful place only suitable for Brave hearts

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