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  • Daniel

    It is amazing how professional photographs can COMPLETELY change the way a home is presented. The interior we saw from last year was downright lousy, but the interior wisely hired someone who knew what they were doing. Stunning outside AND inside. I stand completely corrected from my last assessment. While I still would change a couple of soft furnishings, this is a far cry from what we saw last time.

    Also, exterior pics have been updated as well on Dorlom’s site:

    This is definitely a “top 5” home in my book. Stunning, magnificent, grand, tasteful, etc. Love, love, love.

    • Daniel

      …the interior [designer] wisely hired…

      • Nick

        New issue of Florida Design magazine out?

        How did you learn about the magic interior transformation?

        Thanks, anyway.

        • Daniel

          Nope, I just had a hunch. If only my hunches for picking lotto numbers were as successful…

  • Grrrowler

    The interior is definitely improved over what it was before! Unfortunately it’s very beige, but with some better soft furnishings choices it could be even better looking. The exterior looks quite nice, and should age well.

  • Nick

    This is a major interior update, that’s for sure.The previous interior was an ugly
    nightmare compared to this.While the exterior was magnificent, I wasn’t able to
    explain why a CEO who obviously makes a lot of money didn’t hire a top notch
    interior designer at first place.

    The majestic transformation is elegant and gorgeous.I absolutely like everything:
    the new interior, the floors, the furniture, the wall colors etc.Everything has restored classily and now this marvelous estate is the Coral Gables Pride.

  • george

    Daniel’s right, this is a top 5 house. I wish there was a decorator as talented as the one who did this house in nothern N J.

  • sbmin

    I think Coastal Construction built this house, and there was another interior designer who did the interior architecture (cabinets, paneled rooms and ceilings details, moldings, doors, etc.) Anybody know about this?

    • estate sub

      The owner of Dorlom was Owner’s Rep, Coastal Construction was the GC and built the residence, Phillip Chappelle did the interior architecture

  • weisser

    The amazing House! I think not enough own sandy beach only.

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