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  • Alex

    Yeah…I visited Whitefish not long ago and i saw this house from the lake and i dont think its worth $13,000,000 maby $6,000,000

  • John

    would be a wonderful winter retreat. But, 13 million. Mind you by mid 2012 thats going to be about a million Yen! 😉

  • Daniel

    This house just seems it would be uncomfortable to get around, as if you would be bumping into the oversize furniture. Architecturally, this doesn’t seem to be all that fantastic.

  • Marie

    This home as others have pretty much echoed has too much going on with it. Kenny I”m sorry I forgot to wish you a Merry Christmas I hope it was lovely for you 🙂

    • Kenny Forder

      Don’t be sorry! Thanks!!! I hope you had a great Christmas as well, Marie!! =)

  • richvanc

    …”not that fantastic” Such a restrained comment Daniel! Truth is this house is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! In every conceivable way… ;(

  • Grrrowler

    I like the general style, but not the specific execution of this particular house. The interior spaces look cramped and small for the most part. The interior decor is completely uninspired, but the interior could be quite nice using the existing bones. The stone and wood could make for a very interesting interior, but it still wouldn’t be worth $13 million in my opinion. I actually like the looks of the exterior in picture 10, but then I’m forced to come back to the crazy price.

  • Hugh

    I love a good cabin. Would only pay that much for something on Tahoe. Then again they’d probably want $20m then.

    The boat ramp is cool.

  • NOVA Ben

    The price is a bit high, but other than that I like it…it’s what a rustic lake home should be in my opinion, although I can see that it could be better proportioned, with different furniture choices.

  • Joejoe509

    Pretty nice house. Whitefish is in some of the most beautiful country I can imagine. With its proximity to Glacier National Park (among others) this would be a fantastic location vacation home. I live in Spokane Valley, WA which is only about 4hrs away from Whitefish. Personally I would probably find a vacation home that is a little closer to Yellowstone, but Whitefish is really nice.

    The house itself is nice enough, but I don’t think I would use this as my primary home. The boat ramp is pretty cool, but what’s with that silly “river” between the house and the lake? It looks pretty rediculous. I think the cramped feeling comes from fluffy furniture and poor photography. I think it’s rather “cozy”. The price is a little high, but I’m sure they will have no problem selling.

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