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  • Daniel

    Okay, can someone explain to me why it seems to be impossible or apparently terribly expensive to uproot a modestly mature tree and transfer it to a new location? There seems to be a nice little forest peeking through the porte-cochere…honestly, couldn’t they take say a dozen of those trees and frame the driveway?

    The home itself is a bit drab and blocky. The barn-like roof doesn’t help. Inside is better. Kitchen is nice but the stain used makes it look like a lawyer’s office.

  • Barney

    Guys…..regarding the classic & gorgeous mid-century home in the posting immediately preceding this one…….I say this with ALL THE LOVE IN MY HEART to all of you…… 🙂 )))))))

    You’re ALL BREATHTAKINGLY BRAIN DAMAGED AND BLIND. There is LITERALLY NO ARGUING that this MAGNIFICENT, ORIGINAL AND IMPECCABLY DONE mid-century MASTERPIECE is a TRUE TREASURE. It’s painfully obvious that NONE of you guys have the ability in any of the smallest ways, shapes or forms to appreciate the genre that is mid-century modern ’cause you all see it as nothing but total crap.

    Kenny, I seriously suggest that you IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY quit featuring ANY kind of modern home whatsoever……even the penultimate example, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. Every one of your regular readers most assuredly think even THAT world-renowned, stunning example is complete garbage. Really Kenny……you could save yourself a WHOLE lotta’ time & energy.

  • NOVA Ben

    This has all the personality of a certified used Toyota Camry.


    • Venom

      Thank you, you saved me from commenting on this house. lol

      It is BEIGE.

  • Hugh

    I really like this place. Not really been a fan of the stable garage though. Almost dominates the facade.

    Great price for one of my favorite parts of long island. Only 40 mins from NYC.

    Hard to judge the interior without furniture. Only thing i might change is the rocks around the fireplace.

  • Victor

    This house isn’t that bad but I think it seriously lacks of creativity… althought the price seems to be good. And I agree with you, Hugh, me neither I don’t really like the fireplace in the living room. I think the stone looks kind of cheap for the standing of this property.

  • Mark

    If you don’t love this home, you are filled with envy and contempt or you are a real idiot.

    • NOVA Ben

      Well I’m certainly not filled with envy and contempt…If the world I live in considers me an idiot for not liking this house, then a whole-heartedly accept that label.

      Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a real idiot.

  • weisser

    Thumbs up! I will not say about this house like gorgeous, but something stops me from the bad words about this property.
    Maybe I’m influenced by the previous comment 🙂
    I think this house isn’t bad. I like the exterior and a staircase. Notwithstanding, the house needs rework of the interior.
    It’s definitely an interesting house in a pronouncedly great location.

  • Rocco

    The same comments about a new house that is beige and doesn’t have mature landscaping.

    If it’s new or remodeled – buy some paint and plant a tree!

    It’s a lot cheaper than having to paint over someones horrible paint or tear down ugly wallpaper and then paint the color you want. It also cost thousands of dollars to have trees trimmed, cut down and/or removed – when you can just as easily plant the kind of tree you want, where you want it!

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