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  • Daniel

    I like it. It looks very much like the Gores house in Beverly Park. I expect the interior will look much the same.

  • Taylor

    I know this is random, but how long did it take them to build it?

    • Kenny Forder

      It took them around 18 months.

  • weisser

    Address: 12780 Chalon Road Los Angeles-Brentwood, CA 90049

    Video bird’s eye:

  • PTM

    Said best by Harry Thaw…assassin of Stanford White…after viewing Mar-a-Lago…I shot the wrong architect. Not advocating violence but the house is not an example of good design.

  • Iemand

    For a house that’s practically mall-size, it’s not bad. I like how it turned out.
    Hope the interior is good to (like we’ll ever see it :))

    Using a (basically fake) roof to hide all those things (like skylights, AC units etc.) isn’t something we see here a lot.

    Cool to see all those solar panels, I guess the panels in a rectangle on the slope are panels to heat the pool? Would make sense…

  • Hugh

    That’s one of the best looking pools i’ve seen in a while.

    It’s not my ideal style but it looks very good.

  • Venom

    I really like this house, even thought it is obscenely large, it looks very good. I imagine it will look fantastic when completely finished and landscaped. I like the extensive use of solar panels also.

  • Rodney

    I am really liking the way this house turned out…and I love that pool! That thing looks gigantic! Great post Kenny!

  • NOVA Ben

    Looks decent…I wonder if we’ll ever get interior pics.

    Random question….how common are solar panels on homes in this area? I imagine there are significant incentives to having them in a place like CA, what with how stringent environmental laws are there in relation to other parts of the country? It seems like an attractive way of supplementing more traditional power sources.

    • NOVA Ben

      I meant financially attractive, that was a dumb choice of words.

  • weisser

    Сlose view of this house looks better. I like the architecture. Just one essential drawback is the small size of the lot. But this is characteristic of almost all property in LA.

  • Tony

    I think the house looks like nice quality from what I can see, it looks as if it has a stone exterior which is always a sign of quality and I am sure that the interior will be nice, does anyone know who the builder is? Is it Finton Construction? But anyway the problem that I have with the home is the architecture, it looks like a Barbie dream house on steroids, it looks like the architect was trip’n on LSD when he designed this, the architecture is just all over the place, it is real square and boxy in some areas and then all round and curved and pointy and castle-like in other areas, also at the front entrance there should be more uniformity, to the left of the front door it is extremely flat, squared, and boxy and to the right of the front door it is extremely curved and castle-like, it just looks a hot mess, it should be a little more uniform, for example Lisa Vanderpump’s old home in Beverly Park, it is extremely boxy and flat to the left of the door and equally boxy and flat to the right of the door, it is uniform on either side, I think it is ok to have castle like structures but the castle shapes should be more to the side of the house, not right next to the front door and then completely flat and boxy on the other side of the door, it just makes it look sloppy and like the design just goes in two many directions without any kind of structure or uniformity at all, I am not usually a fan of castle houses in general unless they are genuine castles in France or England or Italy, but usually the mcmansion wannabe castle houses in the US look cheesy, I have seen a few good ones but this one just looks odd for some reason

  • Tony

    Also the entrance door should be a little more centered, it looks like 20,000 square feet of the house is to the left of the entrance door and 2,000 square feet of the house is to the right of the entrance door LOL

    • blake

      you have the garage on one end and the main enterance near the other…thats how the houses this size are set up in colorado

  • Tony

    oh and another thing, i think it is somewhat impressive that this house was built in only 18 months, I know that this house isn’t that huge compared to something like Fluer De Lys and some of the other LA mega mansion, but I have heard that some of the bigger homes like Fluer De Lys take up to five years to build which seems crazy when you see them build MTV Cribs worthy homes in 7 days on Extreme Home Makeover every week LOL

  • Daniel


  • Mark

    You guys crack me up a lot.

    Any other house on this site gets massacred. Tom Brady builds a home and you guys stick your tongues up his ass. Particularly Venom and Nova…

    • Venom

      You are pitiful. You are clearly a 15 year old child, with the brain and the vocabulary of a 12 year old. A real intellectual you are, every comment you make about a house is about partying and taking women back there. The fact that you say it so often might suggest you are a closet homosexual desperately trying to prove your manhood and convince people that you are straight.

      I do like that your life is so pathetic that you have to spend time getting worked up over what Ben and I say like somehow we have wounded you personally. You are the perfect example of when the garbage of society finds blogs like these and then starts ruining them. It happens to every site.

      • Mark


        Nice description of yourself. Thanks.
        The truth must have hurt a lot. Work on taming your contempt, anger, frustration, house envy… therapists can help with this.


  • Atlanta Resident

    question- i’m probably showing my ignorance but what is a “state of the art nursery”? don’t all nurseries pretty much have the same things-cribs, rocking chair, chnging table, not getting how these can be “state of the art”

    • Tony

      @Atlanta Resident, just a guess here but I would assume the “state of the art” would be the intercom system, you know parents listen in on the baby with some sort of intercom? I think this system is probably state of the art as for as the electrical equipment, wiring etc., and I am sure there can be other gadgets and electronic things in the nursery that we would never even imagine

  • Nightmoves

    It needs more Solar panels.

  • Scott

    Another rambling mess of stone and slate lacking any sense of scale or proportion churned out by – you guessed it – Richard Landry. Barbie house on steroids is right! 22,000 sq.ft. of 2022 teardown, IMHO. The pool, however, looks quite nice, as long as you don’t mind it skirting the boundary of your lot, and the road…..

  • Critic

    I am a fan of that particular community.
    Not quite sold on this particular house.

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