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  • Daniel

    Gorgeous. Love everything about it.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s beautiful. The setting, the house, the grounds, and the décor are all wonderful. The interior is classic and formal without being stodgy or frilly. Instead, it looks comfortable and inviting, and very tasteful.

  • weisser

    This is funny, but almost every European house for an Americans is “gorgeous, beautiful, nice” etc.
    A similar property in Palm Beach will be boring and tacky 🙂

    • Daniel

      You obviously haven’t seen my posts on any Palm Beach (or South Florida) homes 😀

      • weisser

        I carefully watch your creations. Thanks for the interesting posts :-).
        I was referring to the general trends. It is rather a collective image, but not a personal attack.

    • Grrrowler

      Oh, I’ve seen plenty of ugly…I mean REALLY ugly…European houses. Just because something is Euro doesn’t make me like more, or less for that matter.

  • Brian

    It’s elegant and spectacular while still being restrained, the epitome of true high end sophistication. I’m betting this is at least €35M, and probably more, but worth it if you are in the demi-billionaire range.

  • NOVA Ben

    Agree with everyone else, this is breathtaking. I love absolutely all of the decor, which is rare for me in a European home. It’s got history, class, quality and beauty in spades. I’m curious as to what the overall layout of the kitchen is like, it looks unique from the single photo provided.

    If the boat isn’t included in the sale, it has no business being in the photo gallery.

  • Amanda

    I agree with weisser I think you American’s seem to see Europe and immediately assume class and sophistication. I don’t like this home The ceilings are low with no detail at all and with the single color carpeting the rooms appear really squashed. The kitchen is oddly shaped and to me looks cheap. The pool is outdoors where it cannot be used year round. The curtains and wallpaper and many items of furniture look cheap and ugly in my opinion. I also don’t like the bathroom or the areas in the roof and I don’t like the proportions of the building from the outside either.

    • NOVA Ben

      You’re painting with quite a wide brush there when you talk about “us Americans”. I can only speak for myself, of course, but I’m very very hard to please when it comes to properties outside of the U.S. This is not because I believe that America is better at everything than anyone else, but because, culturally, American homes are geared more towards me, as an American than European ones are. It’s a delight when I find a foreign home that hits all the right buttons for me, so I don’t hesitate to pour on the hyperbole when I talk about how much I love the place. I don’t “assume” anything about the properties I see here…I see as much terrible decorating and appalling taste in the foreign properties as the American ones, there is plenty of crap out there, American or not. And your opinions are just as worthy as mine, I personally find it fascinating what appeals to some non-Americans as opposed to someone from here, so I welcome all sides of the debate.

  • rob

    I think this home oozes global elite. This is a bankster home if ever I saw one. Very low key but nicely done. Is that the financial channel that is on in the living room? I really do not like Switzerland. It is becoming a low key hideout for the uber power brokers. I think this is a nice home, but too quiet for my taste. I am betting the price is astronomical because any half way decent house in Switzerland is in the tens of millions. It is the home of sheikhs, bankers and power brokers and if that is not your crowd I can’t understand why anyone would want to live there.

  • andy

    Yes, very low key classic Swiss mansion. That it’s on lake geneva makes it even more desirable. Jung apparently lived in such a home, or at least he did in the movie A Dangerous Method. I wonder what the price is? If I had the money, I would take this in a New York Second and take up sailing as a hobby!

  • Fred

    I would say that this house is probably around the $100million price tag. Old mansions on the lake are very rarely on the market, they usually stay within the family. I know of certain mansions on the lake, even nicer than this one (although it is beautiful), that could fetch more than $200million if they came on the market.

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