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  • Daniel


  • Grrrowler


    No, wait…21,200

  • Alex

    20,000 sq.ft. tehe 😉

  • bdubz9180


  • Nick


  • Tay


  • Princeton Bentley Carter

    Well my house is 7,200sqft so this has to be anout 15,000sqft

  • george


  • richvanc

    way too big square-feet! 🙂

  • Chance


  • c

    What a drab ugly house

  • Brian

    I’m with c, it’s too ugly to care. But with a gun to my head I’ll guess 21,500.

  • Iemand

    20.000 square feet of uglyness.

    But I know what I would do with that left part of the house (seen from front) in wintertime. Guess 😉 …

  • Venom

    16,750 sq.ft

  • Al Robinson

    29,037 sq ft. Isn’t the guy who owns this mansion a doctor?

  • weisser


  • Hugh


    Including the room that looks like an indoor pool.

    One of the best 20000+ houses i’ve seem in a while

  • thalom

    18,000 sq ft, and very unattractive…

  • Rodney

    27,531 sq ft

  • NOVA Ben

    I’d say roughly 25,000, inclusive of the basement but not the indoor pool.

  • NOVA Ben

    I’m reasonably sure I’ve seen this home on birds eye view at some point…I believe it’s in either Chagrin Falls or Hunting Valley in Ohio….is that right, Kenny? I can’t seem to locate it again…

  • jimmyz

    22000 sq ft

  • jd


  • Randy

    24,900 Saddle River, NJ. ??

  • Alex

    So kenny what is the sq.ft.? im dying to kon! 😉 😀

    • Kenny Forder

      29,000 😉

  • Alex

    oops kno

  • Joyce Evans

    Amazing home!
    26,568 🙂

  • ken


  • Tony

    29,037 in Ohio. Owned by Monte Ahuja who founded Transtar, the leading worldwide distributor of quality transmission parts to the motor vehicle repair industry.

    • Brian

      Then maybe he can add on 1,000 sq. ft. and barely qualify for Kenny’s list. Wouldn’t be too hard and maybe we can all chip in.

    • Venom

      That is 29,000 sq.ft, how?

    • Joejoe509

      Ouch. 29K? That seems like an awful lot judging by the exterior. Maybe there’s a large basement?

  • john

    um?i will um guess it would equal to be um well in the i guess range of 20 thousand square foot um um um um um the range

  • Joejoe509

    My guess is 23,500.

  • Venom

    So tired of these bogus square footage numbers. There is no way on earth that house is even near 29,000 sq.ft. Just look at the roof lines. A 3 car garage is about 800 sq.ft or so, so above the 2 garages is about 1,600 sq.ft of space. Let’s assume for arguments sake that the foyer and great room are not two stories and there are no utility rooms in the basement and it is 100% finished, the max square footage you could get out of the house would probably be 5,000 sq.ft a floor, so 15,000 sq.ft total. Add on another 2,000 sq.ft for the pool building and you have about just under 19,000 sq.ft for this house. Even if I grossly miscalculated, the max you could dream this house to be is about 22,000 sq.ft total.

    Not to mention that I have been in this exact same house in Grand Blanc, MI down to the same color brick minus the pool building and it is about 12,000 sq.ft with the basement included.

    • jd

      I’m with you on the bogus aspect of all these sq.ft. numbers. I would be willing to bet they are including EVERYTHING under roof. Such as verandas, decks, and garages. Total BS.

    • Venom

      Here is the address of the house I was referring to;

      8479 Misty Meadows, Grand Blanc MI 48439

      It is the house at the very end of the cul-de-sac.

      It is the exact same house excluding the pool building and I was incorrect, the main floor square footage is 9300 sq.ft and the basement 6,901 for a total of about 16,000 sq.ft. This house has slightly bigger garages and the bump outs might be a tad bigger so with the pool building my estimates should be correct, so unless there is a 8,000 plus sq.ft building hidden somewhere on the property, 29,000 sq.ft is impossible.

  • Alex

    Kenny did you die? plz anwser this so that Venom will shut up!

    • Venom

      I am sorry, I forgot that reading is hard for some people to do. God forbid you have to take the time out of your playing Xbox to read a few paragraphs. How do you people make it through college (assuming you went to college) if reading a few paragraphs is such a burden for you?

      The only thing offensive is your terrible spelling:)

    • Al Robinson

      I’m guessing Kenny hasn’t answered because he’s enjoying reading all these comments. Usually when he answers with the square footage people stop commenting, and move on to a different post. Frankly I am enjoying all the comments myself. I agree with people in that the house doesn’t necessarily look 29,037 square feet, but sometimes size can be deceptive to the eye.

  • Alex

    No offence Venom 😉

  • Kenny Forder

    You guys are too funny. The correct answer is 29,000 square feet. Nick was the 1st one to guess correctly. Good job!

  • Alex

    Ha Venom take that you a$$…and ive gone through college stop asumeing that all ppl are dumb and my spelling is like this cuz i and writeing on a phone….btw nobody likes venom its deadly kinda like youre paragraphs

    • Venom

      Ordering a degree online is not a college education. I think you need to go back all the way to middle school and restart your education and work your way up to university.

  • NOVA Ben

    Nobody is still reading this post by now, but the home is located on Hunting Hill Farm Dr. in Chagrin Falls, OH

  • Noah

    25,000. I’m fucking jealous.

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