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  • Daniel

    Some nice homes, but a lot of it looks like they just clad your typical New England home in an expensive stone.

  • Jack

    KENNY!!!! #2 is my dream home!!! i have been looking for a home exactly like this for years!!!! thank you soooo much!!!! i contacted D’Alessio today and hopefully we can get going on the floorplans and building asap!!!! WAHOOO

  • richvanc

    Ummm…Jack, are you kidding??? That is sooo over-the-top! And, Kenny, while I agree #4 is “stately”, I think #3 would be more reasonable. So I’ll take it, please… 😉

  • Hugh

    #2 looks like is could be in a Disney film!

  • Jack

    Disney or over the top i dont care this is my dream home that i have been looking for for years! Its verry cozy looking to me. thanks again kenny for basicaly finding my home without me asking ha ha.

  • richvanc

    I’m still not sure if you’re joking, Jack! That Castle would cost a fortune to build and maintain. OMG are you a BILLIONAIRE? Or…what have you been smoking, buddy?

  • richvanc

    Okay, if I was really, really rich, I’d go with #4. And, I don’t like the “pointy”parts of #1…so I’m staying with #3. It’s the most reasonable home. Can you have it gift-wrapped and ready for me by Christmas, Kenny? I have been EVERSO NICE this year!

  • ted

    these homes are beautiful.

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