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  • Hugh

    This place is amazing.

    Would benefit from a bit more land

    • NOVA Ben

      10 acres is quite a bit in this area…how much more would you need?

      • HRR reader

        For a 60,000sqft home, you *need* the appropriate size land for proper accommodations.

        • Bryan in CLT

          The Manor was only on 4.5 acres and was 56,500sqft. What shocked me was seeing on the Selling the Manor TV special it has a 17,000sqft attic that looked like a Best Buy…it was HUGE with shelving and high ceilings (they looked to be over 12′ high). Not at all a typical attic as you’d think of one.

  • Daniel

    I’m sure it will be beautiful, but it is VERY symmetrical. The front is actually a bit boring because of the perfect symmetry. The home is essentially a cross between The Manor and the Hadid home. I’m surprised that this wasn’t designed by Landry, Hablisnki, or Manion. Looking at the architect’s past work, this home is at least 5X bigger.

  • Brian

    Design is institutional in quality and shows poor handling of overall mass and scale. It is sort of technically correct but a failure in terms of true understanding of Beaux-Arts design and chateau architecture. It is truly unfortunate that such a rare opportunity was largely wasted. I think Hugh is right about the land (siting) but this is probably the best that could be done in that regard, considering the area. Hopefully the interior will at least be a better effort than the exterior. One can hope….

    • Jason

      agreed about the scale and proportion. a house of this size should still have a delicacy and balance that makes it feel residential as opposed to institutional like you said. unfortunately in LA there are a lot of people with a lot of money that want to flash it about with a big elephantine house like this one. The Manor, most Beverly Park homes and just about all Rick Landry, Hablinski and Manion houses suffer from this more is more thinking. good examples of gargantuan houses in LA would be any of the older homes built in the early 20th century Los Angeles and Fleur de Lys. That’s why I always throw out Richardson Robertson and Mark Appleton and Timothy Morrison as LA’s leading residential architects. they understand restraint even when designing estate homes.

    • Hüseyin

      Brian, could you explain in practical terms, by examples on this house what exactly does poor handling of overall mass and scale means? What is true understanding of Beaux-Arts?

  • Jason

    I actually walked onto this home-site a few years ago during earlier stages of construction. it truly is going to be a beast of a home. I have to say I’m all for very large houses, but this one is way larger than any home usefully needs to be. It was insane with features such as:
    -round library with connecting office
    -at least 6 staircases including service ways
    -rooms proportionally closer to a palace than a private residence
    -a ballroom w/catering kitchen that would embaress most restaurants
    -indoor and outdoor pool even though LA has near perfect year round weather
    -tennis court
    -security gate house w/ in-house monitoring
    -under house parking for at least 10 cars w/ separate guest garage for 25-30
    -squash court off the underground home gym that is as big as an LA Fitness
    -numerous bedrooms( maybe 5) plus in-law suite and at least 3 or 4 (if I can remember correctly) staff rooms.
    -the most hedonistic master suite I’ve ever seen…main sitting room, his study which leads to his bedroom and his bath which is larger than most mansion baths. the main sitting room also leads to her petite salon, her gargantuan master bedroom, a master bath that’s at least 4,000 square feet with a closet that could house a Rodeo Dr. boutique (probably 8,000 sq feet, YES, that big!) a personal office, another private sitting area, a hair salon!!, and a full size exercise room so she doesn’t have to suffer the indignity of using the other full size gym two floors below.
    this house is way beyond what any reasonable person would need, but fun never the less to explore. I believe Fenton Co. was the builder. This was also the same day I visited the mega house on Sunset also featured on this site. It seems reasonable in comparison.

    • Kenny Forder

      WOW! Thanks for the info, Jason!

    • george

      8,000 sq ft closet. I know of 3 women for whom that would not be enough.

  • Jason

    If you notice the aerial pics you can see next door is a marvelous Italian Revival home by Wallace Neff that has to be one of the most beautiful built homes in LA. it’s a marvel. Also behind this home is an enormous Robert Stern designed home featured in his latest monograph. Sadly, I never toured this home while under construction when I did live in LA. =(

  • Nick

    Absolutely stunning.

    Robb Report House of 2012.

  • Stigo

    Does it have a bowling alley or a basketball court or something thats unique

  • C

    I do not knwo where you are getting 10 acres… because that lot is pushing 3-4 at best.

    • Kenny Forder

      It says 10 acres on the home’s website.

    • weisser

      total size of a double lot-135,648 sq.ft

  • Tony

    yeah i agree with C, that doesn’t look anything like 10 acres, it looks like 2-3 acres to me, I think a lot of people just make up acreage in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, I see a lot of listings that say 6 acres and it looks more like 1-2 acres, especially a lot of homes in Beverly Park, it’ll say 6 acres in the listing but it looks like 1-2 acres, the home in question is supposed to be on 10 acres? but it can barely fit a tennis court? It looks like if the tennis court was any closer to the home it would be in the dinning room lol

    • NOVA Ben

      Are you sure the sheer size of the homes isn’t just making the land look smaller? I’m referring more to your example of Beverly Park than this particular home.

      • Tony

        I don’t think so because The Manor is bigger than any home in Beverly Park and The Manor sits on a lot that is only 4.5 acres and The Manor looks like it has more acreage than some of the homes in Beverly Park that claim to be upwards of 6 acres, now I think in Beverly Park they count the hills as acreage, meaning that maybe only two acres are flat and another 4 acres are hills behind the home and in total it equals 6 acres, I assume this may explain why it looks like less acreage than what is claimed in the listing but I don’t know, sometimes I think people just fudge the numbers

  • Tony

    Another thing, this house doesn’t look like 60,000 square feet to me, it looks more like 35,000 to 40,000 square feet, remember at 60,000 square feet this would be the biggest home in all of Los Angeles, even bigger than The Manor, The Manor looks bigger than this and I have seen other homes in Bel Air and Beverly Hills that look bigger, this home would look more like The Manor or more like Ira Rennert’s home in terms of size if it was 60,000+ square feet, unless this place has one heck of a big basement I just don’t see it being bigger than The Manor, also The Manor sits on a 4-5 acre lot and The Manor’s lot looks way bigger than the lot this home sits on and this home is supposed to be 10 acres, don’t get me wrong, it looks like a nice home and it is a decent sized lot regardless, it just seems like they are exaggerating a little

    • Kenny Forder

      The manor is 73,000 square feet. 56,500 with a 17,000 square foot attic.

  • Tony

    I know that with the attic included The Manor is 73,000, but the official under air livable square footage is listed at approximately 56,000 square feet which is considered by many sources to be the largest home in all of Los Angeles, technically the attic doesn’t count towards the square footage because it is not livable space, it would be similar to counting terraces or something like that as part of square footage

  • Nightmoves

    The way it looks shoehorned in there I don’t see 10 acres. Maybe they are exaggerating the lot size to cover for exaggerating the size of the house.

  • Tony

    oh and I also wanted to add that I get your point about the attic, it would seem that a 17,000 square foot attic on top of the already substantial 56,000 square feet would give The Manor a bigger overall look than a mere 60,000 square foot house but actually not necessarily, an attic is really built into the roof, I have seen plenty houses that have attics and they look small on the outside because the attic is really hidden within the roof and it doesn’t really make the outside of the house look any bigger, again if this house is 60,000 square feet then the exterior should look at least as big as The Manor and it should look somewhere in the ball park of Ira Rennert’s home, but like I said, maybe this home just happens to have a huge basement and a lot of the square footage is in the basement, but The Manor has a lot of its square footage within its basement as well cause I believe The Manor has a bowling alley and etc. in the basement, so I would just think it would look more impressive if it is really that big, it looks nice though, it just doesn’t look like its the biggest home in all of Los Angeles

  • C

    The Manor looks bigger because its almost 60k sq ft on 2 floors. This house looks smaller bc a huge portion of the sq footage is under ground. As you can tell by the tennis court, there is an exposed lower level area. The entire gym and entertainment complex with pool is underneath the house.

    So, obviously numbers of two story spaces,etc would modify this but the basic equation is somewhat true–

    Manor – 60,000 sq.ft, two stories…. 30,000 sq ft foot print from above

    This house – 60,000 sq.ft. three stories with underground area – 20,000 sq.ft. foot print from above… hence why the house looks smaller

  • Tony

    @C, that’s what i thought, but The Manor does have a basement too, I am not sure how big it is though but I know it does have a bowling alley in the basement, The Manor has 4 floors, I think the attic may be included within the 4 floors, this is an excerpt from Tori Spelling’s book:

    “Anyway, we moved in when I was seventeen and I only lived there for two years. In some ways the house is like a normal house, but everything is on a bigger scale. It has four floors: the basement (which we call the “Lower Level,” probably because that’s its designation on the elevator) and the first, second, and third floors.”

  • C

    The basement in the manner is small- I’ve actually ws in the manor while it ws on the market. The 3rd floor would be attic. The hous ehas two full finished floors… maybe 5k max in the basement and then the attic

  • C

    Manor* auto fix f up

  • Tay

    wow… they actually built a model? props to this firm for sure!

    • Iemand


      But seriously, 60.000 square feet??? No way in &%$ you’re gonna need this much of space. Do this family hate each other this much?

      They can practically live for weeks without seeing each other…

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, did you know that Haute Living Magazine is crediting you on this story and they have a link to your website on their website

  • JDannyMac

    Mohammed Hadid’s new house? He likes tacky space and small lots.

  • JDannyMac

    I read that he owns some land east of Beverly park near mulholland

  • Venom

    10 acres, hah, if this house sits on even 2 acres I would be impressed. If they can lie about acreage what else are they lying about?

    Let’s assume for argument’s sake that this is a 60,000 square foot home and the foundation is 30,000 sq.ft or more, then just look at it, it almost swallows up the whole damn lot. An acre is 43,560 sq.ft , so do the math.

    The house is damn ugly, perfect for a future mental institution.

    After watching the special on Candy Spelling’s house the other night I have to wonder why the hell would anyone want or need anything this large? Just ridiculous.

    • NOVA Ben

      But Venom, who DOESN’T need a gift-wrapping room the size of a nice apartment?

  • Paul

    House belongs to this it looks like. 2 lots for over 2acres. Saw he posted something in the bell air blog as well


  • Kyle

    I would love to see Barney’s opinion of this home 😀

    • NOVA Ben

      Me too, where is he nowadays? I miss the ALL-CAPS TIRADES!!!

  • Edward

    If you look at the property in Google Earth, you can see that there is a large area of land under development adjacent to the house, across the street. This is probably also part of the property and what brings it up to 10 acres.

  • GeorgeL

    Tremendous estate. I’d like to see more land, although in Beverly Hills houses are up on hills, so having a long front lawn isn’t as vital. I would though, even for this lot with the house perched up on the hill, have the front facing out to the street, rather than the back.

  • Critic

    Not enough acreage. Feels like another incarnation of McMansion on steroids. I drove by the other day and foliage keeps it nice and hidden from the street though.
    And imagine the upkeep… Oy vey. How much per month would this cost?

  • Carolyn

    Who owns the house?

  • ted

    it’s beautiful.. i just hope they dont mess up the interior.

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