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  • Hugh

    All of the rooms are fantastic.

    That is pretty much the ideal kitchen.

    • Kenny Forder

      I agree. That kitchen is gorgeoussssss

  • Daniel

    Well let’s get the obvious out of the way first. This isn’t a $32 million home or lot. In fact, I don’t think there is a single home that is valued over $30 million in Lauderdale. Some beautiful homes and properties in the city, but that price point is reserved for homes on the ocean and in other cities.

    Well I have to admit this is one of my favorite areas near downtown, simply because the neighborhood has character. The homes have charm (even the Mediterranean ones), the streets are tree-lined, families are always outside and wealth abounds. Ponce de Leon is probably my favorite cul-de-sac because of the park-like atmosphere. I’ve driven by this place several times, and it really does have a spooky look to it. The landscaping is overgrown (though I wouldn’t call it unkempt), the entrance gates are massive, and the home’s roofline can only be seen from the street. The home itself I appreciate because its style is so rare down here. While the architectural features aren’t as classical or beautiful as other traditional Georgians, I think it is still “pretty.” The interior is very restrained but has some beautiful details, but again, it in no way screams “$30 million+ home!!!” I could see this being owned by wealthy grandparents who prefer sailing to society.

  • Sam

    The interior is fantastic, i particulary love the entrance hall, living room and bathrooms, such fine details taken into consideration. I can see this being fit quite nicely for a retired couple. The exterior shows a lot of character, it doesn’t look like some of the spanky new colonials you see in Greenwich, yet I would say i’m not a fan of it either, especially the rear of the house, it looks too build up and imposing. Not too sure I like the mediterranean garden either, I would have expected to see well manicured lawns on all four sides of the side, but that’s just my taste. The price is quite expensive but i guess that’s what you pay for a slice of fort lauderdale…

  • Grrrowler

    I quite like this. Like Daniel, it’s one of my favorite areas of Fort Lauderdale; I used to live in the neighborhood, back when it was still affordable. I also question the price tag, but if someone is willing to pay it…

    As for the house, I definitely see the spookiness in the pics, but really only in the twilight pics. I appreciate that it’s not the typical SoFlo Mock-Med. There are some beautiful details throughout the house. I don’t like most of the furnishings, but a more eclectic interior with more modern elements would make this stunning.

    I’m a fan of the exuberant landscaping. I like the very tropical feel and prefer it over something overly manicured. Lower the price and this would be a winner.

  • Victor

    Wow ! What an opulent mansion ! All the rooms are wonderful. My favorite roome is the living room with its cathedral ceiling. Even though it’s quite new, this mansion seems to have a ”soul” . But does it worth 32 million ? I’m not sure

    • Daniel

      Actually, according to the property appraiser, the home was built in 1989. I guess the 2007 date reflects the most recent remodel?

      • Kenny Forder

        Thanks for the correction!

  • Daniel


  • Venom

    I guess I will start with what I do like. The lot is excellent of course, what it is worth is debatable because that is what I put the value of this home at. That being said the master bathroom and master closet are nice, but if you are going to ask $32 million they should be phenomenal and they are not. Quite frankly Daniel has linked to tons of houses in the Florida area that blow this house away for the same or much less money.

    In theory the kitchen would be nice if it was twice as big. It is way too small. If anyone is sitting in those two chairs to the left and right of the island no one will be able to get through, and if you open the fridge you are going to hit the person on the left and if you open the dishwasher you will almost hit the person on the right. At $32 million I except a massive kitchen with two large islands, one with a large prep area. It also bothers me that the range is smaller than the area inside the surround, I can just picture food and other stuff dropping and falling around that area and under the range all day. For this style and type of home the fridge and dishwasher should be wood paneled and the range something like a LaCanche or La Cornue, not a stainless steel Wolf that just seems out of place, especially sitting in an antique French fireplace surround.

    I am not a fan of the oak/American Cherry floors, they just don’t look right and once again at $32 million I expect something more expensive. That brick on the home is also repulsive. There are a million older homes in my state that have that same terrible dated faded pinkish brick, I know the age of the home right away when I see that brick. The office is OK, but once again definitely not playing in the $32 million range.

    I despise pine, it is a cheap soft wood that has no business being in any home other than in trailer parks where you usually find it.

    The staircases are nice, but 3 floors, 4 with the observatory and no elevator, at least that I see mentioned, really?

  • jay

    this property is really nice !!!!located right next door to wayne huizengas mansion

  • NOVA Ben

    This property is magnificent, for the most part. I’m not feeling the exterior, although I DO appreciate it for taking the path less traveled. I just can’t manage to like the massive turned gable that features so prominently on homes of this style, and, unlike the rest of the home, the exterior definitely dates the place to the ’80s.

    The interior is spectacular, however. Everything just seems “right” to me…the relaxed decor, comfortable proportions, etc. I LOVE the kitchen, even though it could do with a little more space, as Venom said. The rustic-looking top floor is a neat area as well, there are dozens of things you could do with a space like that. Finally, the lot is spectacular…lots of land, landscaping that doesn’t try too hard, and a wonderful amount of privacy for a city location. $32,000,000 certainly seems over the top, but I have no claims to being an expert on FL pricing, I’ll leave that to our most prominent commenters who are more familiar with this region 😉

  • Daniel

    Wow Venom do your fingers hurt after that?

  • Rocco

    I agree that the interior is great and I actually like the homme and the guest house, but that overgrown Ivy has to go. Take it from someone who grew up with an Ivy covered house and partial front yard a couple of blocks from the river – it’s over for insects – which bring rodents – which attract snakes.

    No amount of lime will keep them away. My mother had the yard redone about 10 yrs ago and when my dad past in 07 we had the Ivy removed from the house.

    Can’t imagine the amount of creatures lurking in that groundcover!

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