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  • weisser

    I like this house. I’m not sure in combination of red and green colors, but overall it looks like a very cozy village place.

  • Grrrowler

    I do not get a French country vibe from this; I see more “Spanish Hacienda with shutters” than anything. That said, I like the exterior, mostly. The pool area is disappointing and looks somewhat run-down. The interior is quirky but it has possibilities. The strong colors are a little too strong, but I appreciate that it’s not simply beige. It’s look very impersonal right now, but I think it could be a comfortable, and lovely, house.

  • Mark

    What a beautiful home…

  • Daniel

    Not bad, but it just isn’t my style. The gravel driveway doesn’t help.

  • NOVA Ben

    I like this quite a bit more than I expected to. It’s very cozy, inside and out, in a good way. I love the colors inside and it’s just very homey overall. It won’t be overly impressive from an entertainment standpoint, but for private living, you could do a lot worse. The only turn-offs for me are the somewhat underwhelming master bathroom and the overly glossy ceilings in various rooms.


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