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  • Daniel

    18 bathrooms? That’s a little excessive, isn’t it? The exterior is pretty terrible, and the non-existent lot doesn’t help. Looks very much like a multistory shopping center – all it needs is a Chico’s and you’re good to go. The interior is much better, but I don’t like the low, cavernous rooms. There are some nifty details here and there. I don’t think for the price you can find a home with this many bathrooms in LA…

  • Pablo

    Not very appealing. As much as I like contemporary homes, this one is just a weird example. Looks like no privacy with all that glass on the street.
    P.S. Check the satellite photos- there is a reason the exterior shots don’t show the left side. Two more modern McMansions are being crammed into the hillside next door.

  • Iemand

    At first I thought; cool. I like low, but broad/long mansions stuck into/on to a hill; you can see what I mean on picture #1. But this is a terrible example; the window frames are ugly and to much visible; to many (cold) colors from the outside on photo #1 (white, purple, blue, grey).

    I hate the interior; it tries to be modern but if fails trying to; it’s completely empty with some furniture here and there. Again ugly colors and some rooms they just forgot their modern view (office, billiard room). And yes we know this is in Los Angeles/Hollywood, but you don’t have to have it screaming next to your pool.

    But what I hate the most about the place is the empty empty interior and how cold it all looks.

    To bad; there must be some beautiful examples of low, broad mansion on/in the hills.

  • Grrrowler

    To me this combines all the worst elements of contemporary design, and not a lot of the good ones. From the outside it looks like a 1960s motel. The interior has some nice details here and there, but it’s cold and impersonal; it’s soulless. It’s also entirely predictable and doesn’t break any new ground, which contemporary design needs to do, even just a little bit.

    The “Hollywood” above the pool is incredibly tacky. I get it, but it’s just cheesy, and not worthy of a multi-million dollar house.

  • G

    It looks more like an office building than a home

  • NOVA Ben

    Office Buildings of the Rich.

    wait…you’re not setting up a spin-off, are you Kenny? :O

  • rob

    This could have been so much better. There is a house that was for sale recently in Japan that followed this idea of a curved glass house set into a hillside but they did it so much better. This is just a throwaway modern without any real integrity or thought put into it. Rotten location as well.

    • Iemand

      Do you’ve got a link for me? 😛

  • LL

    This will never sell. What a waste. Looks like a big apartment complex from the outside.

  • Critic

    Honestly, nothing here works.

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