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  • Grrrowler

    This is a lot of square footage for the price. Then again, I have no desire to live in the center of Idaho. I really wanted to like this place when I looked at the thumbnails, but the detailed pics just don’t do it for me. The exterior is way too somber, and not very interesting. The interior could pass for a tract house in any of the flyover states. There are some decent details here and there, but as a whole it’s completely lackluster. I do like the pool area, but hate the tile that’s been used on the steps and coping.

  • Mark

    It’s perfect – I will take it.
    Great place to retire..

  • John


  • Daniel

    The section of the home with the indoor pool makes it look like a Wrightian designed school. Price seems fair but then again you are in Idaho.

  • Venom

    12,000 sq.ft, massive pool with Mondrian style tile work for $1.6 million. I could definitely do this. I absolutely love this home. It kind of reminds me of something you would see in Bali.

    • Barney

      Totally agreed, Venom. LUV the house, but the location STINKS but at the same time makes it so utterly affordable. Move it to New York or California and it’ll take a 10 million dollar jump, most likely. GORGEOUS house though, except for the garages RIGHT there next to the big port cochere’…..bad placement. And I LOVE the tiling on the pool steps & surround……the colors & pattern are wonderful!

  • NOVA Ben

    Completely uninspiring…like Grrrowler, I found it hopeful from the thumbnails but not on closer inspection. The price is indeed attractive, but the location cancels that attraction right out.

    I also expected more from Sotheby’s than a title of “Very ‘Feng Shui’ Custom Home”. ugh. The home’s proximity to “Hailey Rodeo Grounds” suggests this may not be the most appropriate market for a contemporary.

  • Moo

    Am I the only one who finds the location a total PLUS?

    Hailey, Idaho is only minutes away from Sun Valley, one of the best ski areas in the country – this house is clearly meant to be a vacation home.

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