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  • Daniel

    Some parts I like, other parts remind me of a public bath. I love how hopelessly uncomfortable all the furniture looks. Price seems reasonable…is this a deserted part of California?

  • Grrrowler

    I’m like the house itself. I think there is some nice design elements and it looks like it would be a livable contemporary. Unfortunately the interior design ruins it. The floors on the main level should be different. I can’t tell if they’re slate or glazed tile, but a more natural-looking slate would be better. The living room ceiling lights are terrible. They surely must have come from Ikea and should be returned. It looks like a Hot Wheels track attached to the ceiling. The sole bedroom shown in the listing is a complete mess. It could be any bedroom in any tract house anywhere in the country. What happened to the design theme? It also doesn’t look like the lot has very much usable land. Beyond all that, with a proper decorator using some appropriate art and furniture it could be an interesting house.

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