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  • NOVA Ben

    The exterior is a classic and timeless Colonial, absolutely beautiful….which makes it all the more disappointing to see that just about all vestiges of any historic charm and “feel” have been scrubbed from the inside during whatever renovation looks to have been recently done. I love the classic look of the exterior, and the grounds looks to be well done too, but there’s only 1.3 acres that “one of Portland’s finest estates” sits on? That statement doesn’t really make me want to see any of Portland’s other estates.

    Don’t get me wrong, the interior is tastefully done, if not particularly exciting, but why do we always seem to need to sterilize our historic homes when we “renovate” them? Yes, there are certain areas within a home that it’s impractical to keep the same as they were when the home was built, but you don’t have to completely erase all evidence of the fact that the home is coming up on a century in age. I’ll file this one under “missed opportunities”.

  • Grrrowler

    There are much finer homes in Portland. The exterior of this is beautiful, and the interior is beautiful, but they don’t get well together. It’s too bad that most of the period charm has been stripped out of the interior; even if if it were removed years ago, for almost $6 million there were plenty of chances to rebuild some of the charm. The interior is nice, but it’s not interesting and has been given the same overly beige treatment of so many NW houses.

  • Sam

    I completely agree with Nova Ben, the interior is beautiful but it looks a little staged and showy, i would have like to have seen a more rustic and antique interior. The facade is classic colonial, these designs never phase me. The asking price is very reasonable in my opinion

  • Daniel

    I like this. The exterior is quite beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Only qualm I have is the super-steep driveway. As for the interior, I see what everyone is saying, but I don’t think *every* single house built a century or more ago needs to retain all of its original details. I don’t feel as if they bastardized the interior by putting in the new woodwork, windows, changing the floorplan a little, etc. The furnishings are a little questionable, but that’s obviously an easy fix. I think it is a lovely home.

    • Iemand

      Agreed. I understand the point to remain the ‘old’ interior, but I think this interior looks very nice too. It’s tatefully done, and they didn’t go mad painting the whole damn thing white.

      Exterior en yard is lovely and understated. Looks like a very comfy place you can truly call ‘home’.

      • Iemand

        Oh, and just look at the guest house; you’ve gotta love that!

    • NOVA Ben

      I do agree with you that they don’t have to keep every original feature intact on these old homes that have since been renovated, but it would be nice to see ANYTHING inside this home that HINTS at its age. I don’t have a problem with updating and improving, but it would be nice to see a handful of original touches, rather than just doing the equivalent of bulldozing the history out of the place. The exterior is fabulous, it’d just be nice to see some of that history inside too.

      • Iemand

        Agreed, but you’ve got to admit it still looks much better than most home listed here.

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