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  • Jeff

    From a quick glance over the pictures, I love this place. The kitchen island counter material seems kind of odd though. But otherwise, I like it.

  • Daniel

    Well, having driven by this just a few hours ago, I’m glad to see it made it on here.

    Exterior: For the most part, I love it. It isn’t the typical Mediterranean, and I like the stone and wood details throughout. I can assure everyone that from the road the details really stand out, especially when combined with the exterior lighting. What I cannot understand is why this home was built using half of the lot. The lot was purchased in its entirety, so why scrunch the home on half the lot? I don’t see the purpose of having a side yard, as beautifully landscaped as it may be.

    Interior. As with the exterior, I love almost all of it. The details look beautiful, there aren’t any odd spaces, and everything seems to flow beautifully. I even like the furniture, even though it is on the impersonal side of the spectrum. I especially love the overall crispness of the architecture and design. Only immediate thing I would change is the dining room ceiling.

    Now, as beautiful as it is inside and out, this is not a $20 million home. This is *maybe*, on a good day, a $12-$14 million home, and that is pushing it. For one, this isn’t direct oceanfront. Secondly, this area of Delray is extremely busy, and the beach is always full. Crossing A1A during this time of year is a downright hazard.

    If it were my money, I’d buy this in a heartbeat instead:


    For one, that property is direct ocean. Two, it’s a much more private area, and the beaches aren’t nearly as crowded (even though a public park is relatively close). Three, it’s offered turnkey furnished (and I happen to love the way its decorated). Four, it includes a lot across the street that is on the water…build a guest house, second home or garage and dock the boat. Lastly, it’s $2 million cheaper.

    • Iemand

      I absolutely love this place, both inside and out. I would buy this with furniture because this is one of the rare examples on this site that has proper furniture. But spending 10+ million on a house I have some demands; like you said things like oceanfront, not that busy neighbourhood.

      The home you posted looks interesting, backyard is awesome (view :P). Where’s is the lot across the street actually, or which house is it?
      But it has one MAJOR turnoff; the HUGE condo building to the south; if I was spending 17 million dollars on a house, I want a neighbourhood that looks like 17 million.

      • Daniel

        In Birds-Eye, the house is still standing – it is the single-story one with the white roof and beige circular driveway that looks down the canal. So across the street and one lot south. That lot alone is worth a million or so.

        As for the condo, it is relatively close, but I can assure you it really does not present a problem. I actually have a video saved of the house, and you cannot see it from the backyard as the landscaping blocks it. And I assure you, that portion of beach won’t be nearly as crowded; the residents of condos down here, IF they go on the beach, stick close-by. Just a part of the landscape here. All-in-all, this stretch of oceanfront homes is more prestigious than anything in Highland Beach further south.

        • Iemand

          Ah thanks for clearing that up. That lot 1 million already? Guess I’ll have to start saving up…

  • Grrrowler

    This is a nice surprise. When I see a headline on the site for a house in Delray, I expect the typical mock-med with a psuedo-European interior. This is gorgeous, both inside and out. The exterior is interesting, classic, attractive, welcoming, and timeless. The interior is, in my opinion, stunning. It’s a great combination of classical and contemporary and will age very well. It’s comfortable looking, stylish, eclectic, beautifully detailed, and classy. I would move in as-is and not change a single thing other than the family photos. I love the subtle colors that aren’t just beige and the numerous textures used throughout. As for the price, I’ll have to trust Daniel on that one, him being a local. But, it does seem rather expensive, even for as nice as it is.

  • Mark

    I love this home, be great to pluck it out of humid FLA and drop it in San Diego.

  • Randy

    I dig the Land Rover Defender 90

  • rob

    This house looks like a four seasons resort, everything from the uplighting to the furnishings is first rate. It has a quiet and exclusive no worries feel to it. Plenty of activities or do nothing if you please. I think this house is going to have to have a first rate staff to live up to its look. YOu would need a concierge I think. Can you get a private concierge for your home?

    • rob

      ps. I agree the house needs to come furnished. Who would want to lose this perfect decorating job and then try to recreate it.

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