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  • Hugh

    Cool to see places in different locations.

    Looks pretty good

  • Brian

    This is probably the most architecturally boring mansion ever to grace these pages. Interior is of course quite nice, but the exterior is just plain dead. Even atrocious designs are more interesting. House is probably for sale because the owners were bored to death. What a waste….

  • Daniel

    Pretty ugly inside and out. The staircase is impressive but a little on the cheesy side.

  • Grrrowler

    There are some decorative bright spots in the interior, and it does look lived in. It’s not my favorite home, but we’ve seen a lot worse. The exterior is shockingly dull, and ugly. It looks like almost no thought went into the design of the exterior.

  • rob

    The exterior is boring. I like the rugged masculine interior. It is not every wife who would let you put a a dinosaur skeleton in your foyer. The leather in the library looks quite well worn and comfortable. The view out the back is phenomenal. The landscaping is boring. Like seeing mansions from obscure less documented places Kenny.

  • NOVA Ben

    Agreed with most of the other comments….very very boring outside. I’d like more pics of the interior because it’s not nearly as bad. Can’t say the same for the M.C. Escher floor in the foyer…it’s really ugly. Can’t imagine this would be an easy sell anywhere, let alone South Africa.

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