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  • Daniel

    I’m curious what possessed the owner when he/she decided to build a Mediterranean pool house when they have a gigantic French main house.

    • Grrrowler

      It’s the “Best of Europe Tour” in one property…

    • Marcus

      I was thinking the same thing. The French House looks good and the Mediterranean Pool House looks good – but not together.

  • Al Robinson

    These 4 homes are pretty nice, especially home #1. I looked at a few listings and the first home is still being listed at 18,728 sq. ft.. In your post back in February 2010, you mentioned the listing between 18,000 and 20,000 sq ft, but you said that the home could be as big as 28,000 sq ft. I’d like to think that it is 28,000, because it sure looks that big. I wonder why though they have the official listing at 18,728 sq ft, if it’s as big as 28,000.


    • James

      I made a typo when supplying Kenny with the data. The house (for tax purposes) is listed at almost 19k sq ft, but I would agree it appears to be bigger. Also there was an article several years ago here in StLouis about the plans for the house, in which they said they were approved for a 22k sq ft house.

      • Al Robinson

        Ah, okay. Cool, thanks James. Yeah, it’s like LeBron James’s Akron home. When he was first building it, all sources were saying it would be / is, 35,440 sq ft, but when I was finished, all sources had it at 30,106 sq ft. Where is the other 5,334 sq ft.? But it doesn’t mean that it’s not the full 35,440 sq ft.

        Like that, I most wonder about the actual sizes of:

        John Breyo’s Saratoga Springs, NY “61,000” sq ft mega-mansion.

        Arnold Chase’s West Hartford, CT “50,900” sq ft mega-mansion.

        Arnold’s Zillow listing has his upstairs at 15,794 sq ft, and his basement at 24,953 sq ft, for a total sq ft of 40,747, which over 10,000 sq ft shy of the “50,900”. Hmmm…..

  • Mark

    I did not know there was money in St-Louis. Maybe some Cardinals.
    Interesting that in these times people are building. There are so many deals to be had in the resale market.

    • NOVA Ben

      There’s money in every large city in the country, it’s just a matter of how much, how many people have it, and how that money is manifested…it’s not always in mansions. And there are far more very large homes in the St Louis area for them to all belong to Cardinals.

    • Venom

      There is money everywhere in every city, even the little podunk ones.
      Hell in my town there at least 10 guys that I am certain are worth over $100 million not including athletes.

      My NBA neighbor has a contract worth over $100 million and his buddy who is an NFL player from here just got a $68 million contract.
      There is a guy down the road from my old house that lives in a maybe $80,000 house, little shack literally, and has two barns in the back full of Duesenbergs and other six and seven figure cars.

      I bet you have a couple of neighbors that are worth millions of dollars and you have no idea that they are.

      • Chance

        Who is the NBA player you live next to?

        • c

          Venom lives next to no one… the freak is delusional beyond belief and makes up stories non-stop. P A T H E T I C!

          • Chance

            lol I am aware of his stories, that’s why I wanted an answer, because I know no one with a $100 million contract lives anywhere near him.

      • Jeff

        From other comments you’ve made I believe you live in Detroit’s suburbs? I’m only aware of a few NBA players that have $100 million contracts, and I don’t think any of them play for the Pistons. Unless you’re including endorsements, etc. But I’m pretty sure Ndamukong Suh has a $68 million contract with the Lions. (I’m saying all this because of my Detroit assumption).

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