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  • Hugh

    I was surprised how huge it is in the last pic. Looked smaller from the entrance.

    Love the water and golf course view.
    Isn’t much that I would change in the house.

  • Daniel

    I have to say I quite like this. Even though it won’t grace the pages, of architectural digest, it does feel more refined than other homes we see from this area. I like the front facade with the two huge windows framing the front entrance. I like the interior bits shown (although the photos do a poor job of conveying room sizes and layout). The rear of the home is a a little more tract-homeish than I would have liked to see in a nearly $10 million home. I also would never be able to get used to looking at a golf course with dead grass.

  • Grrrowler

    I like the front facade, or at least the central section we can see in the picture. The rear facade looks typically (for this type of house) over-sized, although I like the pools and the outdoor spaces. There are some nice details inside, but it’s yet another suburban study in beige. With a much more sophisticated decor, that includes some color, it looks like it could be pretty nice. Like Kenny said, for the same money, if I had to live in Dallas I would prefer Highland Park.

  • Nick

    This home was featured on season finale

  • Nick

    This home was featured on the season finale of “Style” network’s reality show, “Big Rich Texas”. It was the financial controversy of all the ladies in Dallas because “Leslie” had leased the property, when she told everyone she had purchased it. When seen on the show, the room sizes really come into perspective. “Leslie” also adds on the show that it has an elevator. The entrance of the home is quite bland for my taste and the rear is very “tract home” inspired, in my view. I do quite enjoy the view and the way the home entrance hides the size. The interior seems to have no detail in interior design and the woods look cheap. This home is “uber” generic and the only thing custom about it is foyer. I am not a big fan of Texas and most certainly not for this price. At $9.6 mil, I would much rather purchase a chic modern home with a helicopter pad in the Hollywood Hills or a 20,000+ square foot French chateau in regal McLean,Va. As they said about “Leslie’s” purchase in the reality show, I say the same for this home, “Something just doesn’t add up.”

  • NOVA Ben

    The crappy quality of the photos is a shame because I really like what I see. There’s a nice simplicity to the front elevation, especially considering how “loud” large homes tend to be, style-wise, in Texas. Dusk is not a good time to take pictures for a home listing, but I can’t imagine the place looks any less beige at noon. Some more color is in order, but once that’s done this will be a beautiful home. As others have said, the rear elevation is less flattering than the front, but the views are nice if golf courses and man-made bodies of water are your thing…it’s better than looking at another home when you sit on your back patio I would say. I looked around on birds eye view at some of the rest of this neighborhood, and I came away impressed with the homes…most of them look quite attractive and I think they’re a cut above the typical high-end subdivision in TX.

    Either the current owners are way early on their Christmas decorations, or this home has been sitting on the market for quite a while. Given the asking price, the latter would not surprise me.

  • Plain J.

    I love the view of the lake! However, the price is too high.

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