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  • Grrrowler

    I really like this. It’s a well-done modern take on the quintessential Nantucket cottage. I think the interior design could use some life, mostly in the form of more personal, and more interesting, art work. I would also get rid of the star spangled stair runner. Some of the ceilings look a little low in some of the rooms, but I do like most of them. Even though the lot doesn’t look overly large, I think it’s been done up pretty well; I like the very simple design. The price is breathtaking, to say the least.

  • Jack

    EWWW ITS BLUE!!!! 😛 The only thing i like is the grass steps outside! ha ha SOOOO NOT WORTH 20 mill. If its worth that then my house is worth 50mill. ha ha

  • Iemand

    It’s good, I like it, it’s nice. But its not worth 20 FREAKING MILLION DOLLARS!

  • Daniel

    As quaint as it may be, I will never understand the pricing of this. It’s a cottage at the end of the day!

  • NOVA Ben

    I do like this overall, but the furnishings and color scheme are a little too predictable for this type of home. I do find myself liking the kitchen and bathrooms a lot though, especially for being so shockingly white. I think it’s a combination of how bright they are and the simplicity of the cabinetry that plays well in this environment, to my eyes. So overall this is predictable but pleasing, with some more adventurous colors. I know this is a desirable location, but $20 million seems heavy by at least 10 mill.

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