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  • Grrrowler

    This is an amazing house. It’s just plain cool. What a shame that it’s literally under a bridge. Yes, it’s an architecturally interesting bridge, and the house is right on the Bosphorus, but it’s still a house under a bridge. For $115 million. Istanbul is an incredible place, but the price is somewhat shocking.

    Putting aside the the price and the fact that it’s under a bridge (and the obvious troll references), I like that that what looks like original details are still inside. The herringbone floors look beautiful, but it also looks like the quality of the interior could be brought up somewhat. I’m sure 32,000 150 year-old square feet on the Bosphorus don’t come cheap, but for the price I’d expect perfection. And let’s not forget that it’s under a bridge.

  • Amanda

    I guess it could be ok; if you never went outside, or looked above?!?

  • NOVA Ben

    The interior has plenty of potential for historically sympathetic refreshing, but is also pretty as-is. The exterior is very impressive and imposing, but the whole outside of the home seems to have an air of neglect and deterioration. And I love climbing ivy on an old home, but the ivy on this house is a little out of control.

    The location under a bridge is extremely unfortunate. And $115 million? In Turkey? I have a feeling this one will be sitting on the market for quite a while.

  • Venom

    The diagonal hardwood floors are nice, are they worth $113 million?

    I assume that for $115 million million you also get ownership of the bridge. lol

  • Stewie

    $115 million and under a bridge.
    I think I’ll pass

  • Iemand

    Perfect for someone who was homeless. They can live under a bridge again…

    Seriously, 115 million for this? Yeah the home itself is kinda nice/good but it’s not in a city everyone wants to live in and it under a FREAKING BRIDGE!

  • Sam

    What the hell? This is one of the stupidest price tags I have ever seen, for $115 million I’d expect to see something exceptional and out of this world, this looks like an old run down warehouse. The fact its under a bridge is appalling, surely you would want some acreage? You could literally jump off that and into their front garden. Pfft.

  • Daniel

    I’m not in love with the decrepit exterior. While it may be characterized as “charm” or “patina”, it’s abandoned looking in my eyes. As far as the bridge, my biggest complaint would be the non-stop echoing of cars driving on it. Even if the home is soundproofed, it would be hard to enjoy the water view sitting on an exterior terrace with all that racket. As far as the interior is concerned, it is nice, but it isn’t as striking as I thought it would be. I was expecting something more along the lines of Mickey Rourke’s townhouse in NY (if the link doesn’t work, I recommend signing up on the AD website since it is completely free):


    As far as price is concerned, I had no idea Turkey was comparable in price to the Cote d’Azur or London…HAHAHA!

  • Josh

    Such an insulting price for that property — may as well be 115 Billion

  • Tony

    very nice house, however, something seems off about the location, I can’t figure it out though…

  • rob

    This house has been on the market forever. The big selling point is its location on the bosphorus and that you live in Europe but look across to Asia. I like the decrepit rundown look and and the original stying but this is not a 115 million dollar house. This house has the feel of impoverished gentility. I can picture some old retired general or some impoverished duchess living here. Whoever buys this house will have to put a fortune into it. All new furniture and a good washing to start with. Oh, and has anyone noticed that it is under a bridge? I wonder if you can hear the trucks driving right over you?

  • C. Rothschild

    This is one of the most Beautiful & Outstanding Mansions on the Bosphorus, as well as in all of Istanbul !!! Despite a bridge being built over top of it ( not the owners fault) the Location is Breath Taking ! I’m sure you could get the Realtor to bring down the price to something more Realistic, considering the World wide Down turn in Real Estate, and also the fact it would take Millions (10’s?) of Dollars / Euros / Pounds, to restore the property to it’s Full Granduer. But whoever bought this property and spent the required money to up-grade it, you would possibly have the most Valuable house in Istanbul, and if not use it as a private residence, could turn it into one of the most sought after Boutique Hotels in all of Istanbul.

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