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  • rob

    I really like the pool. Hope it is heated. And the architectural style is great. Excellent craftsmanship. I absolutely cannot figure out the proportions of those rooms. They all look so tiny and cramped. I can’t figure out if the photographer just took pictures of small rooms or if the house really is just a great hodge podge of lots of small rooms. The dining room is a joke and the breakfast room is ridiculous. The bedroom looks like it has been crammed into an attic and the living room looks cramped. Cannot figure this house out. The lot is great though.

  • Daniel

    Exterior has too many dormers. Interior rooms are odd. I like that weedy looking tree by the pool; anyone know the species?

  • Grrrowler

    This is the architectural equivalent to a Chevrolet. There are some design elements that work well enough individually, but overall it’s nothing to look twice at. None of the styling or design is taken far enough to really be appealing.

  • NOVA Ben

    This is pretty blah all around. Daniel, I agree with you that the home has too many dormers, which is even more evident looking at it from the sky. The interior looks livable, but merely livable isn’t what multi-million dollar homes should aspire to.

  • Venom

    Not particularly impressed.

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