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  • Daniel

    1) Has a decent interior but the lot is terrible.
    2) This home has some beautiful architectural details inside and out, but the way it is furnished makes it look so serious and unwelcoming. Needs some “fun” added to it.
    3) I would only consider this if the home was bulldozed first. The stench of spray-on tan and the blinding glitter would be impossible to remove.
    4) Honestly? A grey home in an area of the country where it is frequently grey? Re-paint immediately! Interior is…eclectic. Too funky for my tastes but the actual architecture looks nice.

  • Grrrowler

    1) Truly forgettable. Has all the taste and style I’ve come to expect out of a sports figure’s house.

    2). Love it. I think both interior and exterior are great, and I love that we get to see a contemporary interior that fits beautifully into a traditionally-styled shell.

    3) Next.

    4) Also love it. I would have to get rid of the shamrock green used in various rooms, but beyond that I think it’s great.

  • Al Robinson

    I don’t understand why a player who owns a home in Las Vegas, but works elsewhere would want to sell his Vegas home and not his home elsewhere. I would think Las Vegas would be a great place to retire to. I just don’t understand that.

    As for the 2nd home, $63 million seems a little pricy, even with those views.

  • rob

    Does anyone know Mark Pincus’s new address? He owes me money. LOL>

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