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  • Venom

    What on God’s earth do these people need a house so big for?

    I had to just shake my head at the delusional daughter that said that they were down to Earth people and not swanky.

    @#$@# you are building a 72,000 sq.ft castle, how the hell are you not swanky?

    • Rocco

      He’s a “Doomsdayer”!

      What they didn’t tell you is his wealth comes from his companies work with the DOD!

  • lonnie

    this isn’t the video. It’s some guy fixing holes in the wall.

    • Kenny Forder

      Sorry, I just fixed it.

  • Daniel

    “Disaster-proof castle”? Sorry, but something tells me Highlandville MISSOURI isn’t exactly a prime target for a bomb blast.

    I cannot help but think of Versailles in Windermere when I see this. It really is a shame that all that material will be wasted on a home in such a boring location. Last time I checked, a view simply didn’t mean you could see for 20 miles in all directions, it meant you actually looked at something besides trees sky.

    • Chance

      Your last sentence is ironic, considering how much you love ocean front property, which is nothing but water for 20 miles.

      72,000 square feet is stupid. The location isn’t somewhere I would ever drop a house, but everyone has different wants I guess, so to each his own.

      • Daniel

        Notice how I also said looking at something besides trees [and] sky. At least the ocean changes on a daily basis. And I don’t think I need to prove the value of oceanfront versus “forest-front.”

        I’m sure the owner built this home as a family retreat for generations to come, but god help him when it comes time to sell it.

        • Chance

          I understand the value of oceanfront vs the woods, I just don’t understand everyone’s “obsession” with having an ocean view. Whatever people like I guess.

          As for selling it, he’ll never be able to. 😀

        • Al Robinson

          Maybe it’s because I live in the land of 12,000 lakes, but I would much rather have a lake view than an ocean view. Many times I have driven the roads around Lake Minnetonka, and I melt every time I do wishing I could live there.

  • Grrrowler

    OK, is it just me or is the video not the video that is supposed to be showing? I get some heavily face-lifted women doing home repair with a bald guy.

    As for the house, I think 72,000 is ridiculous. No one, and I mean NO ONE, needs that kind of space. I would find better things to spend money on.

    As for the location, it’s actually a beautiful area of country. It may not be billionaires row in some chichi resort town, but who the fu%k cares? If Highlandville, MO is home, then it’s home. And if I had the money to build a 72,000 square foot house, I wouldn’t care what location was trendy, I’d build it where I wanted it.

    • Kenny Forder

      Refresh your browser. The correct video is up now.

  • rob

    This guy is rebuilding Biltmore house in the Ozarks. I like the idea if that is where he wants to live. I have to say I am also kind of suspicious of this super high tech self sufficient fortress located in the middle of nowhere. I think this may be a backup government building for use in the event of a major national disaster. I think there are CIA connections here.

    • Grrrowler

      One of the biggest differences is that Biltmore is a beautiful building.

      • NOVA Ben

        I’d have to reserve judgment on that until it’s done…although unlikely, there is a possibility that this too will be beautiful, although I agree that it probably can’t match Biltmore. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Biltmore is highly recommended if you ever find the chance to see it (“you” meaning everyone here). It takes your breath away.

        • rob

          All we are seeing right now are the unfinished concrete walls. If you look at the finished rendering it looks alot like Biltmore. 2:49 on the vid.

          • rob

            PS. Used to be able to see Biltmore from my dorm window.

          • mblair

            This guy Steven huff works for the CIA he is the one that master minded the spyware technology in all govt intell

  • Iemand

    What a pile of ****.

    Maybe if you put a business in it, have a big family or something like that but even then 72.000 sq. ft is way to big.

    And talking about being humble people and stuff…you really believe that?

    What a waste…

  • justin

    Hey dont be slaming highlandville MO. This is my home town. I have lived here my whole life. I was born on a dairy farm here. It is the most butylfuel places. I know I love looking out the window and seeing the farm land and the wildlife To me thats a billion dollar veiw.

  • Amanda

    What do they mean just shy of Buckingham Palace? That’s totally inaccurate. Buckingham palace is 830,000 sq ft (11.5 times larger!), This hut is no where near the same size. Any comparison to Buckingham Palace is not at all deserved, Buckingham Palace has Architectural Value, This has….err….???

  • jd


  • NOVA Ben

    Pretty sickening as far as conspicuous consumption goes.

    I really love the comment the daughter had about how they’re “down to earth”. I’d love to see her impression of over-the-top if this is down to earth…

    The only bit of interest this place holds for me is some of the energy efficient technologies being used. If there’s any bright spot at all concerning this place, maybe it’s that they’re going for self-sufficiency in terms of heating and cooling and so on. Of course that’s kind of canceled out when you think about the sheer energy and power it’s taking to build the place, but that’s another story I guess.

    Energy efficient or not, this is still pretty offensive, in many ways.

  • Marie

    Absolutely ridiculous extreme example of a mega mansion.

  • Al Robinson

    I just don’t understand why any single-family home needs 14 bedrooms or whatever it was, unless you’re the Duggar family, in which you’ll need a few more.

    I am very fascinated with extremely large mansions, but still, what the hell are they going to furnish it with??

    Still though, great video Kenny!

    • Rocco

      The Dugger family is probably about an hour away in Springdale, AR!

  • Al Robinson

    Joke: 37 couches, 41 chairs… 1 butt = Priceless!

  • Lisa

    72k is way too big. If they ever wanted to sell they would not be able to sell it as a home.
    Sorry but the Ozarks are beautiful and there is so much to do. I am familiar with the area and I miss being there. Branson was the only place I avoided. I lived in the area for nearly 10 years and managed to get away with going to Branson once, in the off season and then I did have fun. During Peak it’s a traffic nightmare.
    The living is low cost, crime rate is at a decent level, family friendly, lots of new construction and there’s always something to do. If you love the outdoors then this is the place for you and shopping too. It does get really hot, humid and the storms are really intense sometimes. Joplin is just about an hour away.
    I would much rather have a view of the forests than a view of the ocean. Though a lake view with the forests would be nice.

  • Scott

    How can a house that is so cutting-edge technologically be so lacking in architectural merit?! Obviously, this house was inspired by Biltmore, but it looks like an amateur designed it – maybe his “down-to-earth” daughter? As far as the location is concerned, at least they had the foresight to build this monstrosity on a suitably large piece of land, even if Missouri wouldn’t be my first choice. And for the comparison to Buckingham Palace – please!

  • Nick

    I’m not stuck up. But how can you call anything 72,000 sq feet “Energy efficient”?

    • NOVA Ben

      It’s all relative…This place, when finished, will probably be able to claim to be “energy efficient” and not be lying. You just have to compare it to other 72,000 sf structures, not to your typical 2,500 sf middle class home. You have to scale it up to this size. As I said above, though, you also have to take into account the damaging pollution and sky-high use of energy it’ll take to build it…This is the same mistake that tree-hugging Prius drivers make when boasting about how virtuous their ride is….in order to get a true picture of environmental friendliness, you have to take into account the energy expended building it, not just the energy it takes to run it once it’s built.

      So in the end, you’re probably right with your original comment, although not in the way you initially thought.

  • joejoe509

    32 Comments? Wow. Is the amount of comments related to the size of the house? lol. I’m kidding. I could only watch the first 60 seconds of the video before turning it off. I know it’s not completed, but man is that thing ugly. And yeah it’s gigantic but whatever.

  • TLM

    It’s a science experiement or test to see how efficient a house can be built. Not to just withstand storms but also how efficient it can be heated & cooled. One must personally visit the location or speak with the owner or contractors before they know the entire story. I would like to know more & have the knowledge to heat & cool a home of this size or small with little to no money.

  • lol

    I’ve delivered items to his house for it’s construction, and it is STILL not anywhere near being done.

    And it looks like an even bigger waste of space in person. If you want to demo something you should probably do it in a more practical way. If I was going to build some large structure to test it on, I would probably build and donate a large building to be used as a clinic or school…

  • mblair

    Steven huff an has anyone noticed all the banks that has been built in this town?

  • mblair

    An I have read that all the construction workers work for the CIA. an other intell

  • mblair

    The white house is only 56,000 sq ft an I have read where the people that live inthis town often feel an hear like earthquake’s but their not. Probably blasting of the underground tunnels. I’ve seen videos of these tunnels like cities but under us..The bush ranch in Texas is centered on another location point on top of these major underground highways..

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