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  • Daniel

    I don’t know what to say, other than don’t throw stones in this place. It’s not a home, it’s a big subway train with plate-glass windows.

  • NOVA Ben

    There are just too many questions I have about how to live in something like this…how do you keep all the glass clean (and unbroken)? Do you kiss privacy goodbye when you move into this home? Where do you put your belongings so that they don’t ruin the “look”? It’s just too bizarre for me.

    • Venom

      All I know is whoever owns this home should not throw stones at anyone. lol

  • Grrrowler

    From an architectural perspective, I like it. But, as the other comments have said, it just doesn’t seem practical. Unless they’re hidden, I don’t see any shades on the windows. Plus, one thing out of place inside or out and the entire look and effect is destroyed.

  • Venom

    OMG look at that stunning design work.
    It is an architectural masterpiece.
    This must have taken 2 years to design and another 5 years to complete.
    And that furniture, Louis XVI must be rolling over in his grave in jealousy that he could never own anything with that much detail and work put into it.

    Whatever the price is, it should be triple what they are asking.


  • rob

    I think it is beautiful. Very sleek and clean. Very modern and the lighting realy sets the place off. But what about the neighbors? Is the glass tinted to keep people from looking right through? This would probably work better in a more isolated location. Would love to know the price on this. Why is property in Switzerland so exorbitantly expensive?

    • rob

      PS. What is the white material surrounding the house? Is it sand or stone? Either one would present a problem with keeping clean.

      • NOVA Ben

        EVERYTHING would present a problem with keeping clean lol. I’m not at all a clean-freak or anything, but even the average person would go insane with all the smudges, fingerprints, dirt and so-forth that’s bound to show up within a few minutes after cleaning it all.

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