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  • Daniel

    I like this a lot, koi pond and all. That driveway is fantastic. Only thing this place needs is some new furnishings and you have a great getaway.

  • NOVA Ben

    100% agree with Daniel, I love every bit of this, minus the furniture. It just looks like a relaxing place to be…definitely another home that looks inserted in to its surroundings rather than plunked down on top of them.

  • Grrrowler

    I’ve seen a lot of design like this in Hawaii, but I love this place. The interior feels somewhat impersonal, but that’s easily changed. The house itself is beautiful from the setting to the architecture. How better to in Hawaii that on the ocean with a house that’s truly indoors/outdoors?

  • Venom

    I am in love.

    • Daniel

      Hey now, calm yourself Poison! I’ll venomize your opponents! Suck my venom out!

  • rob

    Beautiful. Would love to have a place like this. But in Bali not Hawaii. Love this kind of Asian Pacific architecture. The only problem is that I have heard that the wood takes tons of maintenance and upkeep.

    • Daniel
      • Barney

        LOL……I’ll tell ya’ Dan………although it is a beautiful place to live, no doubt………you’ve got a SERIOUS case of “Palm Beach-itis” on the BRAIN!

        • Daniel

          Very true. Doubt I’ll ever get over it 😀

      • rob

        I don’t know if I could deal with that giant naked warrior looming over me in the living room. lol.

        • Daniel

          Ha! Yes, some of the statues/artwork is a little questionable, but it *is* 100% authentic. The former owners (who sold the house in 2008 for $68.5 million) had one of the greatest collections of East Asian art and Art Deco furnishings. I think I’d find a way to live with it if I got to live in that STUNNING residence. More pics here:

          • Barney

            Again……….ANYONE having THAT MUCH MONEY…….MING BOGGLING. And the house you put the hyper link to is HEART STOPPINGLY ravishing.

            ANYway, Dan…..WHAT do you think is the REAL deal with Peter Marino? Gay or not? He’s married (but that doesn’t tell you much)….but I’ve read that he very often shows up at big functions & parties in FULL, S & M correct, gay, leather-daddy drag. I’ve seen a bunch of picture of him in it…repeatedly. What do you think? I can’t figure him out from pictures, & even if I was to meet him in person, I’m 50 years old now, so I don’t know if my Gaydar would still work….I get out THAT little 🙁

          • Daniel

            Ha! Not only do we agree on a home with contemporary influences, but you actually called a THIRTY-THOUSAND square-foot single-family home ravishing. *Score*

            As far as Mr. Marino is concerned, I could care less about who he does or doesn’t sleep with. What I have heard is that he is an absolute Nazi to work for…I wonder if any of that rudeness ever gets rubbed onto the clients. Regardless, the man does phenomenal work. La Reverie and this home are in my top 5 homes EVER. He does seem to enjoy the leather get-ups though. Take a look at the couple of interviews he gives on his website ( The Man –> Video). A fascinating figure in the world of architecture and design.

  • Iemand

    Very nice getaway, not to much ‘there’. Just a easy going relaxing place.
    But I’ve seen better though…


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