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  • Daniel

    While I’m sure it is incredibly fun to visit, living here would be overwhelming for me. Too crazy for me. I’d have fun scrapping that exterior though. Wonder how much the copper alone is worth…

  • Nalin

    That was the ugliest house I have ever seen.

    • Kenny Forder


  • Iemand

    The round rotating one from 0:21 can be cool, reminds me of an old watertower near here which has a rotating restaurant on top (this one:

    Reminds me of this one too: (Chemosphere: http://www.dailyicon.net/magazine/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/chemosphere04dailyicon.jpg)

  • Barney


    Firstly, the CLINICALLY SPASTIC WAY they shot the video has me RIGHT NOW, literally sweating and trying to calm my stomach…..JUST like when the “Blair Witch Project” first came out years ago and I TRIED to see it……only to leave within the first 20 minutes ’cause I was THIS close to hurling. Secondly, this “Palace” (LOLOLOLOL) itself should be used EVERYDAY from now on to take the place of WATER BOARDING for terrorist interrogations!

    Funny…….I never read or heard a word about Barbi Benton being CLINICALLY PSYCHOTIC. Can you guys JUST IMAGINE what Bart Prince thought when he saw the interior finished?!?!?!

  • c

    The have horrible taste… they also own a house hey have been trying to sell for YEARS in Bel Air that is disgusting.


  • Newell Rhodes

    I loved the house when I saw it on the Girl’s Next Door. I had looked before and now have found pictures of the interior.

    I don’t know how you can sell it, but I guess you will just start over with something that will be more fantastic.

  • Maxine

    Hey Kid’o, you as always done us all proud, you do it girl. Its not a home, its art in the now. so would love to this to my home, but my old man who flip out. lucky lady is who you are, but than you always have been, the lucky one. may the day neve set on you with out a smile, and my the night bring you dreams.

  • Vicki in Costa Rica

    I JUST watched this – this is THE COOLEST Home I’ve EVER SEEN!!! A TOTAL PARTY home!!!! Having just gone from a large home (it was a guest house) to a tiny cottage – I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it – but I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! & I LOVE the CONSCIOUSNESS that went into it!! I’d seen tiny snippets of it awhile ago when Hugh Heffner went to visit with his 3 girls but it didn’t show anywhere NEAR as much as this Extreme Cribs show did!!!

  • per

    I must say, I was impressed by the scale of the house. I wouldn’t like living in it, but I like that the rich people are spending their money.

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