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  • rob

    I just cannot get a good feel for the place. The rooms seem huge and unwieldy. Perhaps this is being designed for a corporate retreat. I do not see how you could watch that tv in the living room. It is like 20 feet away.

  • Daniel

    Hmm. I agree the room sizes are gargantuan, but I’m not entirely hating the place. I kinda like some rooms actually. I don’t like the odd family room layout. Overall, I’m with rob on this one; very much a corporate retreat.

  • mak

    I think its very very kewl.

  • Grrrowler

    As happens so often, the interior design has killed this place. The decor is lowest common denominator “European inspired” and it falls flat. With a much more detailed and personalized interior it could be nice.

  • Plain J.

    Nice house. I like the location.

  • NOVA Ben

    I like this place, it’s very comfortable-looking, despite the aforementioned large room sizes. That basement looks spectacular…all the wood, stone and plump leather furniture…Not sure on the price, but I disagree strongly that this gives off corporate retreat vibes.

  • Venom

    Overall I like the house and the setting is gorgeous.
    They went a little over the top with the wood in some places, but it is very good.
    I like the yellow exterior.
    If you need me, I will most likely be in the little troll house, that place looks cool.

    • Iemand

      Have fun with Frodo!

      I kinda like this place. Exterior isn’t that pretty, but the interior is kinda good. Yes, that room on picture #3 is a bit huge, but with some good furnishing and decorating it will be nice.
      The grounds are nice too.

      • Iemand

        One thing: I’ve seen it before, but some of the neighbourhoods (like this one) looks sooo boring and dry. Most of the time just a few homes in the woods, nothing special. Is this stuff so common on the other side of the big fishpond?

  • Hunter

    I live in the Lake Minnetonka area. I’ve drive by this house all the time. The setting it’s in is actually pretty awesome. Lots of woods, lawns and of course the lake, which is in the backyard of this home. This estate is on a street with 4 other homes, all 10,000 – 14,000 sq ft. themselves. This home is the largest, and is really quite spectacular. Up here we value privacy, woods, trees, nature..Houses stacked on top of each other is very uncommon in upper class areas.

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