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    I really like this. I love the Asian/Wrightian/Art Deco influences throughout. If it were me, I would have used a wood that was just a tad lighter throughout, but I could live with this. Price is a little crazy for the Bahamas though, isn’t it?

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    Beautiful home, beautiful location.
    The price is high, but I have no idea if it is unreasonable.

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    I like this a lot. I think the style both inside and out is beautiful and I love the outdoor spaces. Ocean Club is newer, and therefore probably more trendy, than Lyford Cay, but for the money I would pick Lyford Cay over this area.

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    NOVA Ben

    I like homes with Asian-inspired decor and architecture, but I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It looks like it’s trying too hard, and the thing I like about other Asian-style homes is that they look effortless in their style. This one just doesn’t give me that feeling. Can’t quite put my finger on why.

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    The exterior is just like a million other beach houses. Nothing special. I really like the doors. Large and detailed and set the mood for the Asian theme. The rest of it is just not doing it for me. This is just a boxy beach house that has gone heavy on the asian decorating. It also seems really close to its neighbors. I cannot tell if it fronts the ocean or a canal.

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