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  • Grrrowler

    I like the exterior, but not for a house. It’s too severe looking, although maybe the Swiss would like that. The interior is cold and impersonal, and has no feeling of a home whatsoever. It would be well-suited for an art gallery.

  • NOVA Ben

    The whole beached cruise liner look is an interesting concept, but I think it falls short when brought to life here. It’s very office building from the outside, and that carries through to the inside a little too much. I think this is best suited to what it’s currently being used as, a corporate headquarters building. The feel of the structure would lend itself well to housing an art gallery too, as Grrrowler suggested, but beyond those two uses I’m not sure it really works as a home, even if changes were made.

    I do like the raised aquarium in photo 6 though.

  • Venom

    So it is a boat, an ugly one at that.
    Definitely the headquarters of an evil empire.

    I am not sure even the indoor koi pond will be able to sway Mak. 🙂

  • rob

    Switzerland, the hide out for the global elite. Where even a crap house costs 44 million.

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