Here is a look at some mansions across the country in our 40th post of the series.

Mansion #1 – Pictures #1,2,3 – This 28,000 square foot mega mansion is located at 1399 Vista Moraga in Los Angeles, CA

Mansion #2 – Pictures #4,5 – These 3 newly built mansions are located on S Cliffwood Avenue in Brentwood, CA.

Mansion #3 – Pictures #6,7,8 – This 16,000 square foot newly built mansion is located at 111 Meeting House Road in Westhampton Beach, NY.

Mansion #4 – Pictures #9,10 – This mansion is located on N Invergordon Road in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Mansion #5 – Pictures #11,12 – This mansion is located at 26200 Fremont Road in Los Altos Hills, CA. It is owned by billionaire Romesh Wadhwani.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES (click Shalimar Residence)

  • Daniel

    1) Wow, they really wanted the biggest house possible, huh? Looks terribly squished, like Chinese foot binding.

    2) So the builder wanted to save money by essentially making the same home 3X over, just making cosmetic changes.

    3) Eh, it’s a shingle house.

    4) Another awkward looking home from Arizona. They really know how to make a floorplan snake around, don’t they?

    5) This one I like. Looks very Floridian, and the detailing looks top-notch. Too bad there aren’t any interior pics.


  • Brian

    #1 is truly idiotic. It looks like an actual train wreck, crushed and bent out of shape. I would almost call it a unique example of Mannerism, but it’s clearly accidental and unintentional shoehorning.
    #5 I will agree with Daniel. A coherent plan, too hemmed in sideways but with reasonable siting front-to-back.


    • Kenny Forder

      Well #1 looks like that because I took pictures of it on Google Maps, which tends to do that to the homes. It looks better on Bing Maps.