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  • Georgio

    If it sells for that price (unlikely) it will be the most expensive home to ever be sold in Australia. Quite ugly, nonetheless.

  • Nick

    The insane price is unacceptable and outrageous.The interior isn’t classy or elegant at all.

    It’s a big disgrace.I have seen much better contemporary mansions in Australia.

  • Daniel

    Ew. It’s…smelly. Seems the house needs a complete renovation. I don;t care if it overlooks the opera house or not, $48 million to live in Australia is outrageous.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s outdated, ugly, tired, and unstylish. The lot looks like an amazing location, but a $48 million teardown is more than a little ridiculous.

  • Mak

    This place looks beat-the-hell-up, so it must be a tear down. No other explanation.

  • NOVA Ben

    Yeah, I’m not seeing half of the asking price here. Looks pretty tired and uninspired from the pics provided (the listing site wouldn’t load for me, but judging by what’s here, I don’t really care). Is that astroturf?

  • rob

    I like it. I can see the lloyd wright influence. I like the way it juts out toward the water and the views from those massive windows. I like the privacy and the modern comfortable feel. I like the boat slip and the location at the end of that peninsula. That being said. 48 million. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO

  • Plain J.

    Did you say that its 50 million!!!!????

  • Geoffrey

    Unbelievably ugly old house i have friends who live on that peninsula, and also on point piper next over. This doesnt come close to the views looking west towards the harbour bridge and opera house.

  • bondi blue

    Sydney land is similar to that of NYC ,scarce and overdeveloped, making it uber-expensive. Ive just noticed it doesnt overlook the opera house it overlook’s the Pacific ocean. The eastern suburbs of Sydney are like the westside of Los Angeles. And this part of vaucluse ,where the real estate prices are very similar to fifth and park avenue’s.

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