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  • Nick

    Seems very interesting.It’s large, the location is great and the construction so far looks promising.

  • Daniel

    An all-wood house? No thanks. I’ll stick to the CBS constructed home we have here.

    • Venom

      You should probably explain what CBS is to anyone that comes her and does not live in Florida. lol

      Concrete Block Stucco I assume.

      I have lived in both and they are both fine. What is the problem with a wood frame home exactly, most of the homes in this country are wood frame as are the homes on this site and they are just fine. If you don’t live anywhere where a hurricane might strike you, there is no immediate need for a concrete block home.

      • Brian

        Wood is only the framing. It will probably be clad in brick or stone veneer. That’s the problem with construction photos – they don’t really tell you what the finished result will look like.

      • Daniel

        It just seems so…rickety. Yes, I know that nowhere else but hurricane prone areas will you find CBS construction, but I would just feel…not as safe.

  • Sam

    What the actual hell, i was looking at this house today before this was posted!
    If you follow this link you can see the house partially finished:
    it is located near Doulton Pl which has some very interesting ostentatious mansions

  • NOVA Ben

    That’s nice. I won’t be needing any updates on this one.

  • Chandra

    Kenny, can you find the Caufield’s Montecito estate Kim Kardashian chose as a wedding venue?

  • Owen

    Why is hurricane discussion relevant to Canadian properties?

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