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  • Daniel

    Quaint, but that price is jaw dropping. Interior isn’t all that spectacular, but I do like the dining room and the indoor pool. I’ve seen bigger living rooms in 2,000 sq foot cookie-cutter homes.

  • Grrrowler

    This is a lovely house. I actually like that the rooms aren’t overly large. It may not look as impressive in pics or to guests, but it look much more cozy, more like a home. The indoor pool and the sunroom are great.

  • Andrew

    Still trying to figure out how that Pool/Entertainment Room conversion works…

  • Amanda

    I think there is an error with the link. The link for the listing takes me to ‘Paradise Island Bahamas $17,500,000’

    • Kenny Forder

      Sorry, I just fixed it.

  • NOVA Ben

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by this. I’m always prepared to be a little put off by listings from the U.K. & Ireland…as an American, the style and layout always come across as awkward to me. This one actually looks great though. The layout looks fine, and the rooms, as others have said, are very cozy. I agree with Grrrowler that the small size of some of the rooms does not bother me at all. I love the dining room and greenhouse-style sunroom…the majority of homes in the U.K. seem to have that kind of sunroom. All the better to gather as much sun as possible I suppose. That combination dance floor/indoor pool is fabulous.

    I purposely avoided bringing up the price because it’s obviously too high, so focusing just on the home, I’m definitely impressed.

  • matt c.

    Many props to the glass floor above the pool below….simply awesome.
    Never seen that one before !

    • Iemand

      Saw (well, actually they were talking about it) on Run’s House; they wanted to put a glass floor or something above the outdoor pool for a party.

      But I must say; I love the billiar room; fireplace, wooden fireplace with green cloth, some checker print. Love it!

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