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  • Jason

    a revolting, cheap mess. Canadian houses on this site are not appealing.

  • Nick

    Definitely not a good Canadian mansion.

    Everything about this place seems dated: From the exterior to the atrocious floors, everything in this mansion needs a major renovation.

    What a catastrophe.

  • Daniel

    Well, at least the floors aren’t off-white polished marble. I’m beginning to think Canadian homes are purposely quirky to distinguish themselves from American homes. The odd room sizes, the overall bareness in the design even though it’s supposed to be opulent, the horrendous furnishings, etc. all seem to be present in every one of the larger homes. I don’t mind the office or the rear elevation of this place, minus the bunker on the left side.

  • Grrrowler

    I look at this and think “Surely no one actually lives here.” It’s so cold, impersonal, and uninviting. I’ve seen mobile homes with interior style than this.

    Looking at the exterior, I can’t help but think that if the same facade were on Kensington Palace Gardens, we’d be fawning over it.

    • Daniel

      Probably. But if it were on KPG, it’d have an actual tree or two framing it.

      • Grrrowler

        There aren’t any trees up near the house because they didn’t want that pesky nature drawing attention away from it!

  • Sam

    Looking at the facade i would have expected to have seen alot of precast sculptures and lavish borders inside, instead it looks very tacky. I hate the mahogany furnishings, it looks so unnatural. The outside looks quite promising although it could have done with a little more landscaping.

  • Venom

    This is a pretty terrible home.
    The pool area looks cold and depressing, it looks like somewhere someone would go to commit suicide.

  • NOVA Ben

    Kenny, you’re not doing a very good job at convincing us there are appealing large homes north of the border 😉

  • rob

    ewwwwww, ewwwwwwwww


    I have been inside this home and it is to die for , I guess it is all in the eye of the desired look to come in and finish it off to their specs … you are not buying the funishings and the palet is open to a whole miriad of avenues …. the pics are at a bad time of year for flora which is amazing in the summer …. there is a ton of trees in back which are in ravine road old area … you are 15 min to metropolis toronto / airport / lake ont marina is 5 min …the accoustics are insane[ for a rock band ] … taste I gather is in the eye of he beholder .why comment and make yourself look like a child ….. the floors you can no longer get , which a big bonus … and it has been done in a old world style which you have to have a aquired taste for …if I was purchasing her I would look at all the things I could do with my furniture and decor to my taste to finish .. you are buying the home not the persons personal items … and it is an amazing home in real life … I love it …

  • Critique

    This house makes me gag everytime I look at it. However the only thing normal is the small box trees in the landscaping. Otherwise , ewwwww ewwww!

  • Andrew

    true, no point complaining about the furniture. what I hate here most is the giant entry hall that takes up nearly half of the ground floor and because of the void above, nearly half of the upper floor as well.

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