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    Ask yourself if you want to spend $3 million on a house in a town named Pass Christian. Ask yourself if you want to spend $3 million on a house after you look at the demographic info. Ask yourself if you want to spend $3 million on a house that has taken design inspiration from an evangelical church, a cookie-cutter home from a 55+ community in Boynton Beach, and Mar-A-Lago (I’m guessing that is where they got the idea to put that caboose over the front of the house).

    I’d take the arched french doors and leave everything else.

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      Before I read your reply i thougt wow this looks more like a church than a home LOL.

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    So. Much. Beige. Other than picture 7, which is jarring after having my eyes adjust to the beige from the other pictures. The outside looks like a small parish church. The inside is just awful, from the Home Depot light fixtures to the overused columns. And why does any house need a lookout tower? I guess in case someone might be trying to force some taste and style on the place.

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    I really despise those fiberglass columns.

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    NOVA Ben

    Dear Lord, what a MESS.

    This looks like it was constructed using 95% things that were on the sales floor at the Home Depot. They may have single-handedly bought out all available inventory of that one style of hanging light fixture.

    This is just laughably terrible. And the cherry on top is the MS location.

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    Okay obviously the house is terrible. What’s worse is that I just recently watched a TV show about Pass Christian, MS. It was one of the hardest hit towns from Katrina and was basically wiped off the map. Why they are building a mansion there is anyone’s guess… Bad taste all around…

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    Randy W.

    They built it using cheap materials because the next hurricane will wipe it all away . Horrible Investment !

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    Love the koi pond in the back. I bet they grow some big ass GATORKOI back there…


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    Nice church!

    Oh, wait….


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