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  • Daniel

    Ah yes, the old “list at an already overpriced amount, take off the market, and re-list for an additional $13 million.” Works every time 😀

  • Barney

    GAG BARF PUKE……You know, you’d think that by FIFTY years old, I’d STOP being ghastly astounded with mouth agape at the ETERNAL and EVERY-ESCALATING sheer stupidity of my fellow human beings, but NNNNNNNNNNOPE! I greatly fear that I NEVER will be…….CANNOT COMPREHEND that they ACTUALLY RE-LISTED FOR 13 MILLION DOLLARS HIGHER……IN THIS DECONOMY YET!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha………

    • Brian

      You have to read the fine print. It was relisted in 2009 at $49M then relisted now with a $4M price cut. But it’s overblown no matter what. They don’t even have the guts to show photos of the interior, so it must not be ready for prime time. Or even late night.

  • Venom

    They can’t be serious?

    /walks away shaking my head…

  • Chance

    I’ll take it! $45 million doesn’t seem enough though, I want to spend $62 million!! 😛

  • NOVA Ben

    I don’t care to see the interior. In fact, I hope I never do. The exterior alone has my bile ducts acting up.


  • Marie

    LOL really?

  • Scott

    This makes Richard Landry’s houses look elegant…..and that’s not easy!

  • Nick

    Not so bad…

    I like the exterior, the stunning views, the 2 entrys, the 5,2 acres of land and the location of course.And the garage position (pic 3) is right.

    I have to see the interior in order to judge the price.

    Also, it needs some landscaping.

    • Nightmoves

      I think a lot of that acreage is hilllside. At least you can look down on Gene Simmons’ house.

  • GeorgeL

    You could have purchased La Belle Vie for $40 million, and it has 35,000 sq. feet of grandeur. This does not compare.

    • Scott

      I could not agree more – La Belle Vie had some serious architectural aspirations – this, to me, looks like a giant box that some details were slapped onto at the last minute.

  • Scott

    I’m just curious if the person who wrote this listing claiming it was “modeled after Le Petit Trianon at Versailles” has ever seen the Petit Trianon…..I literally see no resemblance at all…..

    • Brian

      They BOTH have two stories? What more could you ask for?

      • Venom

        Don’t forget walls, doors and a roof.

  • Tay

    Greenwich’s Petit-Trianon is 100x classier than this overstuffed box

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