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  • Daniel

    it’s an interesting house for sure, but I don’t know if it all works. The exterior is very nice, although the 4-story lighthouse-lookalike portion is jarring -I hate it. The interior for the most part looks very well done, although some parts look more like a hotel rather than a home. My favorite part is the pool area. The view is nice but nothing jaw-dropping. $14 million for a home in Arkansas seems a bit optimistic, no?

    • george

      Daniel, $14 million for the entire state of Arkansas is optimistic, in my opinion.

      • Daniel

        Ha. I agree completely, but I was in a good mood and didn’t feel like shi*ting on the whole state. But I agree with you 😀

    • BJ Rush

      Good point Daniel, clearly Arkansans are poor since this guy built a castle from the ground up. Which state do you live in and how many castles are located there? Exactly. Have you ever been to Arkansas??

  • Mak

    Ok…faux castles…meh…

    This place needs:
    1. A moat and a big ass drawbridge. With flanking towers to guard it.
    2. Battlements.
    3. Dungeons.
    4. A fire breathing dragon somewhere up on one of the roofs.
    5. A tower without windows so that I can hang out and think of my night in shining armor. (I love to wear pretty armor to bed).

    All in all, its about half way there.

    Worst thing though is that its in ARKANSAS.

  • joejoe509

    Cool house! But if you’re going to have a castle… why not have a full-on castle? This house can’t decide whether it wants to be modern-ish or ancient. Cool idea on paper, but I’m not sure it turned out the way they intended it to. I would hate trying to explain to guests why the house seems to have split personalities. And I know it’s a “mead hall” thing, but what’s with the kitchen being in the same room as the great room? (Kind of like the Texas home a day or two ago.)

    Again, cool house and thanks for sharing – it’s just a little too unique for my tastes.

  • Barney

    Remember the bottom-bass, miserable & painful moan that “Lurch” the Butler always used to make on “The Addams Family” show??

    WELL, times that by about A MILLION, and add a few metric tons of puke and you’ll have my opinion of this ABORTION.

    “Theme” homes should only be built in “Theme” parks, PERIOD. WRETCHEDLY GHASTLY in every way.

  • rob

    I think there is a mistake in the listing. I thought I read that as Fayeteville, AR. I am sure he meant Fayeteville, Tuscany. This is a really unexpected house. I like it. Good stonework and good play on a classic Italian castle. I really like the facade over the pool. Gloomy and brooding. The woodwork looks well done. I don’t really like the garage at the top of the driveway. Or is it a wooden gate? Pretty unexpected place for Arkansas. I wonder if this is the most expensive house in the state.

  • NOVA Ben

    This is a bit disappointing. The craftsmanship looks superb, but the feel is off. I agree with Daniel on the four-story portion of the home being jarring compared to the rest, which looks mostly one-story from the front. The commitment to the castle theme that was displayed outside does not carry through to the inside. Again, I agree with Daniel that parts of it look like a hotel, which is not what you want in a home that’s trying to be what this one is trying to be. Among the many design and decor mistakes, the wood in most of the home is too light, it needs to be darker. There are other unpleasant elements like this, but I won’t ramble. I think the biggest problem I have with the interior is that it’s all too “new” looking. It needs to look lived in for a century to hope to be a convincing castle.

    And Arkansas? no. thanks.

    • joejoe509

      I guess I could agree with that. Even though the house is modeled after old architectural designs, it doesn’t make me believe that there was any history here. IMO, the appeal of a castle or similar historical types is that the house has history; it has a story to tell. You imagine what stories the walls could tell you…

      This however is not old and it has a hard time selling itself as old. Instead of stories of intruige and mystery, this house is begging for a merciful death. Okay… maybe not that dramatic, but you get the point.

  • Venom

    Who would have thought that Arkansas would have had one of the best castles I have seen in America.
    The work on this is pretty impressive.

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  • Patrick

    Okay guys not all of Arkansas is poor. It’s called a stereotype and unless you’ve LIVED here you can’t actually judge it. Every state has a stereotype that I’m sure people who live in that state hate. I can say that because I was not born here, didn’t move here till 2003 and found out I was WRONG about the state in general.

    Fayetteville is actually a nice area. 3 LARGE corporations are situated in the area (Walmart which is currently making as much or more money as the oil companies are), Tyson Foods (you can’t go to a restaurant without eating something produced by them unless you are a vegetarian) and JB Hunt. People are moving from California because of the jobs and the money. Executives, company owners etc make millions. Mansions are prevalent in areas and Northwest Arkansas (where Fayetteville is located) brings in a lot of highly educated people. Rich people do live in Arkansas. Just like hillbilly’s do live in California. 🙂 Met a friend who worked in California for years and in the mountaineous regions of California they are just as rednecked as Arkansas citizens are stereotyped to be. He said they even had a “southern” type accent.

    So a castle in Fayetteville? It wouldn’t have been made if they didn’t think there were enough people here to afford it and be interested in it.

  • Arkansan

    BAFA, I could not agree more with you. I am an extremely proud Arkansan!Please do remember, the world headquarters for Wal Mart, Tyson Foods and JB Hunt are all home based in…..wait for it……Northwest ARKANSAS (Wow, who would have thought that Arkansans could quite possibly have some of the nations most leading companies). I have a few more surprises for you as well. You people who are bad mouthing my state, need to start looking in a mirror at yourselves! You are purely stereotyping this entire state when it’s obvious you have never been to the beautiful state of Arkansas (as some of the view in the pictures clearly shows), and had the honor to experience some of the nicest, friendliest “folks” you will ever meet.

    You’ll come see us sometime – ya hear? Idiots!

  • Lisa

    I think this castle is absolutely beautiful and I’m sure anybody that commented would live in this castle in a heartbeat. Great woodwork, beautiful view and unique.

  • Jay

    This is quite an impressive structure, except none of the pictures show the view directly east, which is overlooking the industrial park. Not the kind of nieghborhood you would expect for $14 million!

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