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  • asdf

    none, they’re all in Oklahoma

    • Mak

      hahah! winner! COTD!

  • Daniel

    Thank you asdf.

  • XXX

    At least they are not in the cesspool of the left coast (CA)

  • Al Robinson

    I really like (in the 3rd screenshot) the 2nd house on the left. The one with the silvery roof. I would like to see it when it’s done. Very nice.

    But then again, they’re all nice from the outside. It’s like their very own Beverly Park.

    • NOVA Ben

      That’s the one I was drawn to first as well. I’d love to take a stroll through it! It’s probably done by now, unless those images are really new.

  • NOVA Ben

    Those are some pretty big homes…but like asdf said, it’s Oklahoma. I suppose the CEOs of OK-based companies have to have SOMEWHERE to live.

    Kenny, what site did you use to get those images? The ones on bing maps seem to be older, and don’t have most of the ones that show up in your pics.

    • Kenny Forder

      Google Maps

  • Nightmoves

    There are a lot of even larger homes on more property in Oklahoma. There is a ton of oil and natural gas money there, not to mention guys like Garth Brooks and Toby Keith.

  • P

    there is a lot of money in north okc… and the suburb of edmond… “in Oklahoma of all states” ?!! don’t be ignorant

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